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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Am on the road again....will stop briefly in Port St Lucie first, then on to Orlando. Nothing to report--just nerves about the scan tomorrow. The "no carbs" diet isn't fun but it is time to break out the Ativan. I started with it last night and slept like a baby.

Thanks to all of you who have wished me well. I do believe in that positive group energy.

From here on in I'll be Judy from lots of places so let's get it started....

Judy on the FL Tpk Pompano Beach rest area

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Michelle, I'm laughing as I read your post. Hasn't been much fun, guess you could use the word "blast" in the "bomb blast" sense of the word. No really, I do remember when it was fun. Hasn't been since last year but I have faith. There will be good times again. Maybe even this trip, who knows?

I used to be a restaurant kind of girl but, I must say, it was really cool to just pull over and make lunch in the coach. Didn't even have to get dressed. While we were stopped, I also made Jello for an evening snack--sugar free, remember no carbs today.

Judy on FL Turnpike

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Howdy all, gotta tell you about my crazy new puppy. I watched him stalk his prey this morning for a few minutes. He stood on top of the stairs and hunkered down and was staring at the lawn, I kept trying to see what he was after. He went down the stairs about halfway and stopped and stared again and I still couldn't see what he was going to attack. Finally he went to the bottom of the stairs and crouched down in the grass ready to pounce and then he struck, an empty water bottle. I was cracking up. He actually stalked an empty bottle and it didn't get away. Hell he could be a senator with that kind of instinct and intelligence. LOL

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Hello Judy and Michelle.

Judy I remember those days of traveling cross country with my husband. We saw a lot of places and met a lot of good people while camping from coast to coast. Somtimes I think about those days and it seems like another life time.

I know your trip right now is not fun and games but we are all praying that your scans will come out great and you can spend some time really enjoying this trip.

I missed coming here yesterday. What a day that was. I was up about 6:30 and after my coffee and shower I took Misty out for a while. While outside I met one of my neighbors and asked it he would take me to the Farmer's market. He needed to get his car smoged and sense it was not too far from the farm where we buy fresh fruit and vegetable we went there.

We got corn, peaches and plums. I also got some cucumbers and a big red bell pepper. He got a watermellon too. After getting his car smogged we stopped at the grocery to get some things I needed and some sure jell. He had been given some peaches the day before and I agreed to make jam for part of it. The peaches we bought were just to eat, some of the best eating peaches I ever tasted.

I got home in time to take Misty out again then go catch the bus. I had decided the diet was out the window for yesterday, we were having an ice cream social later in the day and I wanted a hamburger. I got off the bus only about 1/8 mile from Red Robin but by then it was up in the 90s. After my lunch I walked back to the bus stop wtih the temperature even hotter. I got home just in time to warm the two cobblers(peach, blueberry and plum) that I had made the night before for our ice cream social. While they were warming I stripped and dressed my bed.

The social was at two. The cobblers disappeared in about 10 minutes, I guess I will have to make more next time. So anyway I came home took a 1/2 hour nap and then took my laundry down to wash. While my clothes were drying I came home and peeled and sliced peaches. Then sat outside visiting with neighbors for a couple of hours. Came in and watched Grease again.

This morning I made the jam so now I am resting. Tomorrow I decided to fulfill a promise and make some chicken and cheese impanadas to share around with my neighbors. I had said I would do them when I get my check and buy the cheese. It took about 1 minute to get an offer of cheese from one of my neighbors. They all know I ilike to cook and I am always getting. fruit, flour and other foods to cook and share. I guess they think I am a good cook :!:

Anyway enjoy the rest of the weekend and Judy I will keep you in my prayers.

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Hello Friends!

Just passing through here when I really should be working. I do so have distaste for data entry though. Ugh! I'd rather still be doing the physical inspections that I now have to enter the data about. Judy, best of luck on your scan, Hun. Y'all be cool! Peace and Love! :D


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Hi there all. I am feeling a bit perkier today so thought I would drop in and say hello. Nothing like going to the mall and getting some new clothes for my upcoming cruise to cheer a girl up! I even got my nails done too!

Happy travels and lots of prayers for you Judy.

Lily, you are making me hungry! Your cooking must be awesome!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening everyone!


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Lily, you are making my mouth water. Peaches are my favorite fruit. A story...when I was a little girl I would spend some time in the summer staying with my Aunt Katherine. Late in the afternoon, my cousin and I would stand on the sidewalk by the road where they would come by with the wagons of peaches just out of the field. We would wait patiently and as they passed the men would gently roll peaches off the wagon for us to run and catch. The best peaches you ever ate! Also, back on the farm, Aunt Sarah would make peach preserves that I just loved. She made much blackberry jelly because we would go with milk buckets back in the fields and pick the blackberries where they grew wild. Not so many jars of peach preserves though, because we had to buy the peaches. Peach cobbler was a real treat. I still make it on rare occasions but it has to be served the way it was on the farm, with cooked vanilla pudding. Was just talking about it to my daughter today.

Lovely distrating thoughts to keep my scananxiety away LOL.

Judy in Narcoossee

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