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My hair is growing......

Fay A.

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You know, my eyebrows fell out, along with most of the lashes, shortly after my last chemo. So I was thinking that it was going to be February before I saw any hair on my head and face again. Yesterday I noticed that my entire head is covered with this pale, almost transparent peach fuzz...I don't mean just a little bit of it. I mean my entire head has a fuzzy covering. For those of you who have been through this before, is this how it works? Once your body is no longer growing eyelashes and eyebrows your head sprouts a bunch of white fuzz? :shock: Can't imagine this stuff staying on my head....it looks more like fuzzy mold than hair! :)

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Faye, I had the same thing happen! Looked like peach fuzz for a week or so until it started to look more like hair! Mine came in total white at first and then I got a darker hair here and there. I lost them all with the PCI treatments but I am hoping it comes back in the same way. Looked sort of cool!

Congrats on getting hair for Christmas!!!!!

God Bless,


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Hi Fay;

Guess I'll have to forget about puttin that smily face on your head :D:D

But so very happy your hairs coming back and you'll be able to turn around soon. Just part of getting better!! :)

have a happy and joyous Holiday and hope you didn't get shakin up too bad.!!

God bless us all; and may they cure this SOB!!l

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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My hair has come back with a vengence! It is dark, thick, and very curley. I bought my husband an ear trimer for Christmas, but it looks like I need it more than him to cut what I call my "chops." I have that white peach fuzz all on the sides of my face like "chops." Mon. will be my first day at work with out my wig. I wish my hair were a tad longer, so I could style it. I am just thrilled to have hair again. I got to tell you though, this hair is nothing like my old hair. People who have known me for years do not even recognize me! I admit that my hair was highlighted, and that could have something to do with it, but chemo has totally changed the texture!!!!

I got compliments on my wig from complete strangers all of the time, who thought it was my real hair. I love the conveinence of not having to style the wig, but it has become incrediably itchy, and matts up in the back due to the length of it. My wig was not cheep-$185, and my insurance (Humanna- shame on them) refused to pay for it, even with a script from my doctor. I hope your hair comes back with a vengence also Miss Fay!


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I don't remember the peach fuz but mine came back very cury and previously had been very straight. After 2 hair cuts I needed a perm. I was told it comes in curly because of damaged hair folicles and then straightens in time. The color and texture is the same old very fine with lots of gray but very dark in the back from about ear level down. Looked rather odd, almost like a skunk, and my husband felt I needed a tint to even out the color.I have been a blond all my life. I had so much facial hair that I had to use Nair a couple of times.

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I want to thank all of you who responded to this. I was joking about it, but I have to admit that having the white fuzz all over my face as well as my head was (is) a bit disconcerting.

Dave, I can imagine that not having to shave has been nice...but at the rate things are growing I may have to take up facial shaving. This white fuzz is coming in thick, and no way am I going to try to wax this stuff off. I'll end up pulling off my whole face!

As far as looking like a skunk goes....well, before chemo my very dark hair had very thick white streaks at the temples, along with a thin white streak at the top center of my head....VERY "skunkesque"...or rather "Bride of Frankenstein". I rather liked it, so I'm hoping it comes back in the same way it left!

Once again...thanks for the info. I don't feel quite so "different" now.

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You are too funny... Watchout for that waxing ... it serious stuff.... "cancer patient recovers nicely from radiation and surgery but gets a serious wound from a waxing gone wrong....I am a slave to beauty... I have my grandmothers hot pink church lipstick permanently tatooed on my lips.... yep....i cried..,then i met a guy who has ... cranium tumors at my church and he said the key phrase "beauty comes from within....!)....

How bout Jose' Eber they can streak and bring back skunkesquescence!!??


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