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Monday's Air


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Looks like Judy is busy traveling to her next stop, so I'll start the air for today.

Another scorcher in store for north Tx today. I will have to bring the fur babies inside around noon, 1 pm so they don't get too over heated. I am looking forward to the end of the week for some promised rain for 5 days starting about Thu. night or Fri morning, but I am not holding my breath for it to happen. Here lately the closer we get to the day the rain is supposed to start, the smaller the chance of rain gets until the day predicted and it is so low that you wonder why they even bothered to predict it to begin with...Have I ever said that I Hate summer? Give me autumn, winter and spring!

Got my youngest daughter off to first day of 11th grade this morning. She was looking forward to it. Now it is time to get washing and dishes done.

Everyone, have a great day and keep cool.


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Animals. In my case several dogs, who go out each morning, come in about noon to 1 pm in the summer or when it is raining, and then go back out for a couple of hours after they eat. We bring them back in around 8 -9 in the evening.

I call them fur babies cause, they have fur and they are my babies, since all of my human babies are for the most part grown up.


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My Mom said she didn't like it but she would be "Grandmama" when my sister and I both had schnauzers, but she would be damned if she was going to be any kind of relation to a filthy, sneaky cat! But then I would catch her talking baby talk to them! :lol:


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