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Hi Everyone!

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I have been lurking, but not posting for awhile. I have missed you all. I am sure some of you don't remember me, but I feel for all of you who are having to care for loved ones with cancer. It is hard to deal with sometimes. This is a wonderful site to come and share and get things off your chest.

I just wanted to step in and say hello to everyone, and I hope all is doing the best they can do.

Love to all,


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Hi Bobby,

I do remember you, you joined shortly after I lost my husband. I remember all your wonderful loving support for your sister as well as members here.

Thank you for stopping in and letting us know you are doing ok. And thank you for the warm wishes. I hope the same things for you. I know you still suffer the grief of losing your sis, but I wish for you the absolute best that can be in light of present circumstances. I wish for you warm and happy memories, laughter, smiles and the comfort of God's grace.

Warm hugs


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Hi Bobby,

Of course, I remember you . Sometimes we leave and move on with our lives, but it seems we never can forget this place and the wonderful people who helped us along. In my case, I lost my husband , but my mom is currently fighting her battle. I'm very thankful for all the members who are here all the time and the ones, like you , who drop by . You will always be a part of this family and I appreciate you stopping by today. Hope you are doing well.



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Hello Bobby, I am happy to see that you are well. I remember reading all of your posts about your sister and thinking that I would love to have a sister like you. I don't post anymore, but I still read the boards. My mom will have been gone 2 years on Nov. 9th. I wish you all the best my friend. Big hugs!

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