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NSCLC Stage IIIB wet - Mum's CT results are in!

Linda S

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I am crying while Im typing becuase I am so happy. Finally we get some great news!

The pleural effusion is GONE just as quickly as it came and the tumor is significantly smaller. (The whole pleaural effusion thing was a bit weird - it wasnt there all through the diagnostic work-up then just appeared 2 days after she had a mediatinoscopy...I reckon it was from surgery trauma rather than malignant spread of the cancer...)Mum feels no pain and looks great.

She has coped remarkably well with the chemo her blood count seems to jump back up and she has experienced minimal side-effects, mainly the inability to apply mascara or style her hair (no not kidding) tiredness around 2 days after chemo lasting for 3 days and some muscle pain 2 days afer chemo in her tummy...We think that this is largely due to her Chinese medicines.

I wanted to share this news - I cant stop smiling.

I know its just 1 scan with many many more ahead but its nice to have something to celebrate once in a while...

Its a 4th and final round of chemo (carbo+taxol) then surgery and maybe some post operative chemo with Alimta if she needs it.

All the best - keep strong


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Great news! I pray that your Mom responded as well as I did to the chemo. I had chemo and radiation to shrink my tumor for surgery, and boy it worked. See my story clicking below. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Linda that is such wonderful news. Keep smiling, it is well deserved. Yes we need to celebrate all the high points in our lives during this journey. They are such a great blessing, and deserving of celebration.

I am so happy to hear things are progressing in a manner that sounds like it will lead to the best success possibility for cure for your mum. YEA!!!!!!!

I will keep her in my prayers.

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That's wonderful, Linda! I also read your detailed post in the My Story forum. How about putting a link to that writeup in a signature/profile that will attach to the bottom of every message you send? That will save you a lot of typing in the MANY posts I hope you'll be making in the months (and years) ahead. Much Aloha,


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Thank you everyone for your kind posts and words of encouragement and happiness...

I'm so fortunate to have found you all on this wonderful site. I honestly could not imagine how I would ever have got through the first 2 months during the initial work-up dx without having you here 24 hours a day 7 days a week...(Im in Sydney Australia so the timing is great, I post at night then in the morning there is the army of Lung Cancer Support Community ready with the love and encouragement I am looking for...

Although I didnt have the courage to share my story straight away, reading everyones elses stories gave me courage to research and not be afraid to ask the doctors questions...

Mum had her final pre-op chemo today so it will be a few weeks yet before they do a repreat CT-PET for re-staging. Surgery will likely be at the end of September or earlu October. Will definately keep you posted...

I wanted to also share some news I am really excited about with you...Today, a friend from my lung cancer support group in Sydney celebrated being a 5 year survivor or Stage IV NSCLC!! She was given 4 months to live and has lived 5 years post dx!! She has a great quality of life and is fit and exercises...She is an amazing woman and I wanted others to know that there are 5 year survivors of STAGE IV!

Love you all,



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