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Finally a green light


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I did some research and came to the conclusion that Gamma Knife was the way to go for the brain met. The question now is whether to continue the whole brain radiation or put that on hold until after we see the neurosurgeon??? I talked with my sister and she said, "that she plans to be around for at least four years until her youngest son graduates from High School." I pointed out that she may want to find doctors that were willing to help her reach that goal instead of just following protocal. It still really bothers me that her radiologist was either ignorant or lied. She agreed that we need a second opinion. I think it was Laurie that posted a place that you could send your scans off to and they would give you a second opinion for $600. I figured that would be the quickest result and depending what they say, I could then talk her into visiting a major cancer center. Thank you all for the good information and support.

Keeping the faith,


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Hi Mary,

Well it sounds like your sister has a great attitude. I will pray for her to get the best possible care. Debraoo has experience with the gamma knife, her father had it done and had a good sucess with it...she has posted several times on it. She hasn't been on much lately... but she is helpful and is very nice. I thought the whole brain radiation was more of a prenventative measure???? My Mom is having PCI brain radiation, it is being done to her and her cousin who is having the same dose extended X30....she had a brain tumor surgically removed, Moms getting X18 at 2gys..I have seen others have radiation treatments for tumors...but I really don't know... am not sure??? Keep the faith!

Blessings and prayers to you and your sister.


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