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Interest Article re: Sugar Feeds Cancer


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I had heard also when my husband was dx that sugar was actually "fuel" for cancer, however in speaking to our onc doc and Dr. West at Cancergrace they both disagree with that notion. In any event I do indeed monitor any sugar intake for my husband. Better to play on the safe side I suppose.

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Interesting. But what the article didn't explain to my satisfaction is how glucose can be blocked from the cancer cells without depriving the normal cells of their glucose too. That's the basic problem with any cancer treatment — how to damage/kill the cancer cells without causing unacceptable collateral damage!


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Yes, but the good thing is that they are doing more research on the subject.

Most Integrative Care doctors play it safe and recommend avoiding too much sugar.

Unfortunately, oncologists usually "pooh-pooh" everything that is not in their protocol, including my own onc at Sloan.

Dr. West called my very well-know Integrative Care Provider (Dr. Chang) a witch doctor and in reality, Dr. Chang is tops in the field and consulted by many comprehensive cancer centers. So the more research done, the more doctors will have to open their minds.

Back in the 60's/70's, doctors were saying chiropractors were like witch doctors, and now are pretty main-stream.

We need all the ammunition we can get!

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