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Prayers Please...

Andrea B.

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Okay, over the past month I have really felt my faith waining...but I still believe some prayers can be answered. My mom is currently in intensive care and we actually thought she was going to pass away yesterday. She is a fighter and fought back. The doctors initially told her she won't make it out of the hospital...and I see her and believe they are correct. She has fluid building on both her lungs, blot clots in her legs, lost a lot of weight, is incoherent, etc. I can't stand to see her suffer, this has to be the cruelest part of this damn disease. I am asking that you include my mom in your prayers to either battle back or to let her suffering end peacefully. Thank you.

My heart is absolutely breaking. :cry:

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Oh how all your prayers, kind words and support are what I need during the dark times.

Well, the power of prayer and the strength my mom has always possessed has helped her defy the odds and hopefully be on her way to proving the doctors wrong...that she wouldn't make it out of the hospital.

It is still a wait and see period, but at least my mom is out of ICU. She has been in the hospital for two weeks and is still battling blood clots and shortness of breath. No blood thinners work for my mom so she had a "screen" implanted today to help trap any loose blood clots.

I have never experienced more darkness and sadness in my life than I have over the past two weeks. To see a loved one suffer and be absolutely helpless is torture for me. My mom has had to spend all of the holidays in the hospital. She told me on Christmas day that she would love nothing more than to hop in my car and go home with me. It broke my heart. I wanted to scoop her up and make her feel safe and make all the pains and anxieties disappear. Unfortunately I am only human.

Knowing I have each of you to help guide and support me means so very much. I continue to hope deep in my heart that one day life will hold some joy again. In the meantime I find the strength to somehow face the day and put on a brave face.

I pray that this message finds you each doing well. I think of you often. Many blessings to you and much happiness in the new year.

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