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CT Scan of Chest and Neck Showed Possible PE


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Today, Bill went for his fasting CT scan of chest and neck with and without contrast to see if the taxotere was working.

The usual requests were made to send copies to the oncolgist, and one to us.

We arrived home and I made Bill and me a sardine sandwich. Good thing we ate at that time - just before noon. (We didn't get another chance until 8 pm.)

The phone rang almost as we gulped the last bit of the sandwiches. It was the nurse, Matthew, at the oncologist's office. He said the radiologist at the Imaging Center saw a PE (pulmonary embolism) in Bill's lung.

He recommended that we take him over to the ER and let them do a workup.

Since our oncologist was on vacation this week, he told us to refer to the substitute, who we know and have had attend in his place in prior absences.

I drove Bill over, and we spent the entire rest of the day and evening with Bill having blood tests, an X-ray, and a scan that would show how the blood was flowing within his lung.

The lung specialist, who was one of our group, said that he doubted it was a PE. It didn't mean that there wasn't a tiny one.

However, he said that he wanted an ultrasound of Bill's legs. If there was no clot Bill could go home. If there was a clot he would stay.

The result of the ultrasound was that there was a clot in his leg and Bill is in the hospital having blood thinners.

I will keep this short as I am drooping from the day, and need to get my mind somewhat together. Tomorrow, our daughter-in-law, Linda, will be coming to take me over to the hospital. She thinks it would be better for her to drive. She is most likely right on that one.

End thought: Thankfully, that pulmonologist caught it. Ultimate thought: Please keep Bill in your prayers.


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Barb......I too am sorry to hear you're going through this, but I'm also happy that it was caught early. I'm sure the blood thinners will do their job and you'll be able to take him home. Please keep us updated and yes, you'll both be in my prayers.

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As always Bill and Barb are in my prayers, but tonight I will say extra ones for a rapid and full recovery from this new complication as well as prayers of thanks for a responsive and top notch medical team that caught this issue before it caused any serious problems.

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Ah Barbara, just a big fat DARNITALL for this latest blip on the screen. If it isn't one thing, it's another, huh? Glad you seem to have some good folks watching your backs. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers awaiting some GOOD reports soon.


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So sorry about this latest complication but so glad they found it so quickly. I complained about my leg for so long with that last useless onc of mine and sure enough, blood clot!!!! So thank God your medical team was on the ball!!!

Give Bill a great big hug from me!!! He is such a trooper!!!

And allow your DIL to pamper you - you deserve it!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Barb--it is much better that they found the clot on the scans and not because it caused some significant problems! Your team is on the ball and for that we are all thankful. I know it is no fun spending your days in the hospital for either of you (been there, done that), but it is where he needs to be right now so they can get this problem taken care of. You both will be in my prayers.


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Well, all you guys are all fantastic with your support. I read each and every post in reply. Where else can a person get such warm and encouraging words?

It turns out, after having spoken again with the pulmonologist early this morning (at the hospital) that there are clots in both legs. In all the activity, I had forgotten to ask about the whole story - and the location.

They have begun the coumidin, and they are going to keep him 3 to 5 days to see how it does.

He looked pretty comfy lying there in his little open-back hospital coverup. They are taking excellent care of him. He has been inundated with nurses, and technicians giving him a nebulizer treatment four times a day, all-over washup by nurses' aids, and later - an ultrasound of his heart.

Before Linda (DIL) went back to work, she, John (our son), and I grabbed a hamburger at the hospital cafeteria. It was so good to have them there with us at a time like this.

Jeanne (daughter) arrived, after a nice visit with Bill, she drove me home, took me to the pharmacy for my meds, and drove my car to the gas station to fill er up.

Today, (it's now after midnight), I will be going over to HUMC, but Bill asked me to wait until mid-morning to see him. He said that he would be fine. :D

I may sleep a little bit later, and go over there at a later hour.

Your concern has been so comforting. I ask for your continued prayers/vibes/good thoughts that this blip on the radar screen will only be that - a blip.

I thanked the pulmonologist short of grabbing him and giving him a giant hug. He brushed it off saying it was his listening skills, and nothing more. "I listen to what the patient and the family say." Well, he may not realize it, but that is top notch in my book.


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So sorry to see this. It sounds like the doctors are on top of it well, though. I'm hoping it's just a short and minor setback. Tell Bill we're all rooting for him to be better and home soon.

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