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Wednesday's Air


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Morning all! Just have time for an early morning Air and will try to get back later to check out the rest of the board. The last three days have been up and out early. We'd like to get on the road by 8 am but I've been up since six and would like to pace myself through stowing a little. But yikes, it's almost seven and I haven't even started.

This getting scripts on my RX plan is funny when you are traveling. The plan won't kick in until 29 days after the last one was filled and they will only give you a thirty-day supply. I had to go into my Walmart locator and figure out where I would be today so I could call yesterday to give them time to have them ready. And you all thought that traveling was all fun LOL.

After we pick up my pills in Brunswick GA, we'll drive until four or five. Thursday we expect to get to VA and visit my husband's sister in Hampton. She's on her second go-around with melanoma. They had to take her off treatment when her blood counts got too bad. He doesn't think she'll be with us long. Another sad case.

Hope it rains for you Dawn and not for us as we're traveling. I hate rain when all 60 feet of us are rolling down I95. Too bad we missed you Ann but my husband was commenting after dinner that it was a good thing the plan didn't materialize. I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get the next two infusions set up (not done yet because MDACC didnt' call me back and KW is still farting around). I was beat by dinner-time and the steriods didn't even pick me up. I was in bed by nine.

I got the "Alimta rash" sometime yesterday afternoon/evening that my doctor talked about getting if I didn't take my steriods. Well I've taken them faithfully and am putting on weight constantly to prove it. Got it anyway!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Narcoossee FL

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Good morning Judy

My husband and I spent the night in Brunswick one time. After having out truck and camper towed and paying $125 for the 20 mile tow. The transmission line broke twice and the second time it was dark and we were parked on the side of I95 in the rain with 18 wheelers flying by. Not a good place to be especially the first time and eveing rush. Anyway we spent the night in 'Brunswick praying that our truck would be ready to roll the next morning because there was a huricane with it's eye on the East Coast. My husband was able to get the parts and we were on the road by 8am and at 10am they issued an evacuation for all of the coast in that area. That was one time I would not want to repeat.

I am sorry to hear about your rash. I hope it goes away soon. How is your eye doing now?

Well I have to finish my breakfast and do a little work on one of my projects. I'm supposed to go with my neighbor to Michaels and get some things for some of my projects then we will have our usual Wednesday time working together on our things until about noon. I had a rough day yesterday after no sleep the night before. I went only for a short walk and then had fitness class. Usually the exercise doesn't bother me but I was sore every where last night.

Anyway hope everyone out there has a great day and please everyone keep an eye on the weather especially on the East Coast and around the middle of the country.

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Lily, that stay in Brunswick sounds really hairy. Not one I'd like to repeat. My meds at Walmart are all I need. And maybe a lunch break.

Your activity lately has earned you a little break. Your body is telling you so and you need to listen to it. I got my script filled for my eyedrops and am using them daily now. So far so good. The rash turned out to be no big thing. It's already fading today and gave me no problem last night. Slept through for 8 hrs. All in all it's a good day. Only aggravation is MDACC hasn't returned my calls from yesterday and today. NJ is waiting to put me in for my infusion on Sept 14 and needs the orders first. Between KW still playing me and MDACC not returning calls, I'm ready to say screw it--if I miss an infusion oh well. It doesn't seem very important to them.

Judy heading north just past Jacksonville FL

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Another hot one in NTX again today, but maybe a little relief in sight as we are supposed to have cold front come through tomorrow and although they are taking the rain out of the forecast for the weekend and next week a little at a time, the temperatures are only supposed to get up into the mid 80's next week. That is so early for this party of TX! Usually have to wait until October for the Mid 80's in the Day time and that is at the end of the month.

My oldest daughter's boyfriend, who lives with us, is going in for a job interview that looks very favorable at this point. He has been looking since November of last year. So we all have fingers crossed here.

Judy, sorry you are having so much trouble getting call backs. That is soooo aggrivating. Lily, sounds like you are taking a physical activity break today, which sounds like you need one. I hope you enjoy it.

Fur babies here are doing good as well as all the humans. Hope you all have a great day.


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Hello! I read your "Air posts" daily and just thought I would jump in today :D I got a really good nights sleep last night! Don't get too many of those these days so I'll certainly take advantage of my energy today to get some things done. I'm going to pick up some pretty pink yarn to make a baby blanket. The girl in my hubby's onc office announced she's having a baby girl. Hopefully the arthritis in my hands won't kick in too soon. It's really hard to crotchet with arthritis!

Taking hubby to the onc today so we can discuss the comparison ct scans which we already know has good news. His energy level is increased so I took him into the spa yesterday for a bit of water therapy. Short but sweet!

Well, gotta take advantage of my energy so gotta go. Sitting in front of the computer will only make my "behind" spread more than it already is!

Take Care!

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Dawn, sorry about the rain but great about the temps. For this tropical gal, the mid eighties are the greatest. Crossing my fingers for your daughter's bf. That's a long time to be job hunting and it has to be terribly disheartening. Here's hoping....

Michelle, so glad you got that night's sleep. And hubby, it's not unusual for we survivors to get a little energy boost from a positive scan. I know I have. Of course, my husband bought me a cup of coffee when he stopped for gas. I didn't ask for it either. I usually save that for when I have to do something. I'm just riding and riding and know full well about that behind spread.

Cheers all.

Judy just past Brunswick GA

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I like your road posts Judy! I hope the trip is a good one and hope you got your meds at the Brunswick Walmart.

I was home this morning with a nasty headache. Got into the office around 1:00. I think it was sinus, but strep is going around the office and someone who had it pointed out that theirs started with a headache. . .


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Susan, I hope it's sinuses and not strep. I get sinus headaches often and they are not fun but better than strep. You should know by tomorrow. Let us know how you are.

I did get my scripts today at Brunswick Walmart. Isn't modern life grand. At my age, it's really amazing that I can estimate where I'll be and call ahead and have my medicine ready!

I have to say, I had a major meltdown today. A little miscommunication with hubby and all the frustration of trying to get the MDACC and the KW Cancer Center to do what needs to be done to insure I get my next infusion in NJ and subsequent ones in Key West came pouring out. This is my life and I'm trying so hard to restore some kind of independence and normalcy. I cried and carried on off and on for a couple of hours. I called MDACC for the third time since yesterday (still practically in tears) and finally got a call back with reassurance they would do it tomorrow. At the very end the PA read off the date of the infusion in question--Oct 14!!! No wonder they weren't in a hurry. I gave them the wrong date--it's Sept 14. I'm weary but am over one hurdle. Now I'm going to NJ and hopefully have fun and worry about Key West when my trip is over.

Have a good evening everyone. I'm so glad I have this place to come and vent.

Judy in the pines in Yemassee, SC

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