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Question for Those Who Have Had Blood Clots


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Update on what's occurring:

Well, Patti, you were sooo right about the coumadin levels requiring some changes. It has happened again in that we need to increase the dosage (every fourth day), and see the lab once a week.

Matt, the PA, said that if all goes well it might be checked at two-week intervals.

The oncology visit resulted in Bill's being taken off the chemo. The reason the doctor gave was that the toxicity was more of a concern than any benefit being gained.

The lungs are stable, but the shoulder (recent, new scan taken) showed growth into bone. The neck nodule looks pretty much the same as it did.

He spoke with the radiologist two weeks ago, and Bill and I should call him to make an appointment. The radiologist said that he might be able to do something for the neck. He would look further into the shoulder met.

We have an appointment for Monday, September 21. I will update about how that goes.


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Thank you, Susan,

Yes it is 54 years. :D

Bill and I aren't going anywhere today because he has been having fatigue, and looks as though he needs a reprieve from any outing. His feet are swollen a bit, as well, and keeping off them might be a good idea.

We can order take-out. He loves Chinese or Italian, so that's what we'll order - one or the other.

Lately, coming here has given me some release for any tensions (mostly in my thoughts - a brain can be a dangerous thing).

Thank you for the good wishes. I will relay that to Bill. He is inside watching the Food Network. Must be making him good and hungry. :lol:


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The update on the blood clots is that all seems to be going well, so far.

The GP (family doctor) took the initiative to increase the water pill 12mg (Bill had been taking 12mg for a few years already as part of his regimen for BP). That, and the stockings seems to have taken the swelling away completely. The legs look fine. Although walking very slowly, he is "getting around" pretty well.

As for the coumadin numbers, they get checked weekly, and at the Cancer Center, requiring a trip through that venue. The numbers last week approached closer to the mark - 2.2 but we are aiming for (2.5 - 3.0) a higher number.

I know this is boring stuff, but there may be someone out there who might benefit from the info, and that things can improve. :D


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Hi Barb!

I havn't posted in quite a long time. I came on tonight because I was wondering how you and Bill are doing. Good to hear that he is back home.

I honestly can't remember whether or not chemo was stopped when Hank had his blood clots. It happened twice, but I just don't remember what he was being given, or not, during those times.

Anyway, because I am not around much, please never think that you are far from my thoughts. I think of you and Bill very often, and hope that things are stable.

You were the first one to throw me a life line when I started this journey, I will always remember and be thankful for you and your help.

Stay strong, and be well Barb.



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