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Bill's Chest Scan and Neck Scan Reports


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In this morning's mail we received the CT scan report (the one that indicates a PE).

I read the two scan reports.

Chest scan (with and without contrast):

New thrombis within the right upper lobe pulmonary artery. (which is what sent us to the ER and having the legs done by ultrasound)

Radiation fibrosis right upper lung field.

Small right plueral effusion.

Stable 6x4.6cm mass along the anteria margin of the right scapula.

Other things that had been found prior were mentioned as having not changed such as renal cysts and the like. They are things that have been there since the original scans four years and eight months ago.

The Neck scan (with and without contrast) indicated that two nodes in the left neck have grown slightly.

I have read it three times, the last being just prior to typing it here. I don't know what will occur when we see the oncologist on Monday. Perhaps, this is not too bad a report - or it may be the beginning of a discussion.

I am praying.

Thanks for all your support. I hope this report doesn't depress anyone. Actually, I don't think it looks that badly.

Of course, I am not an expert - just working on a bit of having read so many of his reports. :roll:

Any input would be appreciated. Feel free to comment. Information is power.


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When I was given a copy of my husband ct report I too read all the medical mumbo jumbo on there and was just terrified! I even asked Dr. West to explain it to me...then I started to google all of it. THAT was a mistake. Sometimes there are things on there that mean nothing, so please put it away and wait till you talk to the doc personally. I was such a mess that I couldn't sleep and had to constantly leave the room so my hubby wouldn't see me cry. Honestly, I thought I was going to give myself a stroke. Please.....put it away and take this week-end to enjoy your hubby. You'll be in my thoughts dear one.

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Thank you, Maryanne,

I am not as anxious as I may seem because when I write it out, after having read it a few times, the

heaviness becomes lighter.

Also, I usually read the reports several times before seeing the doctor. Then, if he says something, I can question with a better handle on what I am asking.

You are absolutely right about waiting to hear the interpretation from him. He is the one in charge of what it all means in medico jargon.

What made this particular report important was the statement made at the beginning of the treatment. The oncologist said that if this didn't work there would be an issue.

So.....it all seemed to hang on this, somewhat.

Thank you for your good thoughts. I will take it and have a nice weekend with Bill and our daughter, and enjoy it. :)


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Hey Barbara, you'd think we veterans would know someting about reading these things. But I can't interpret for anything. SOOOOOO I will hang onto hope that it is a good visit Monday. You guys never cease to just amaze me - I know you got your wagons circled! Make sure you let us know ASAP what the verdict is on the reading. In the meantime - prayers and positive vibes for you.


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You have given me food for thought. It seems that I have that very tendency to try to translate things.

Sometimes, I am right on with what it says, but of course, at times, I have gone over or under the mark.

So, as you say, better to wait....

Thank you for the thoughts. We will take the weekend as a respite from too much thinking. The thoughts will creep in, but the clamper will be used to pocket them for the time being.


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Those are my hopes. The slight growth may keep us in the regimen, but again, maybe not.

The oncologist did mention about maybe a clinical trial. I would hope if Bill cannot have a continuance of this treatment that a clinical trial could be a possibility.

Either that, or that a more recent drug will pop out of the pipeline and land in time.

Thank you, Katie, I appreciate your good thoughts and wishes. They are a comfort, truly.


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I had to smile at the label "veteran." You have got that right :!:

Wow, I feel sometimes as though we've been "in the trenches." It is a war, really, come to think of it.

I will let you all know as soon as we get home on Monday from the oncologist's office.


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Your prayers will be much treasured. Thank you.

Because of the support here, the level of my anxiety has been very much lowered. Of course, thinking is a bit harder to curb, but I'll even push for that over the weekend.

When I was teaching, one of the tools to lower stress was to encourage journal writing. This community has given me the chance to "get it all out." Without this, Carol, I would have been a real mess a long time ago.


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Dear Sue, Susan and Bud,

I want to thank you and everyone here for the prayers and support.

This will be kept short - Bill received his chemo today, and the doctor said that he will be looking into something for the shoulder (scapula) and the neck.

My hopes are that the chest being stable is blessing to continue, and that the other two issues will be alleviated in some manner, or other.

Again, we arrived home today with a sense of some ease. That's not too bad after some of the days last week. :)

August came in with much to deal, but maybe, it has ended on a hope.


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