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Doc said only four months


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When my husband got his dx from the pcp saying he had stage 3B adenocarcinoma with malignant pleural effusion he told me that my husband would survive at the "most" four months. He said it didn't matter if he had chemo or not......well, yesterday we past the four months! yeaaaa Not only that but he now walks around the house with just a cane (no more wheel chair), he is barely using his oxygen anymore, no need for the nebulizer, is able to get into the shower (still uses the seat) and is actually happier! I'm so darn proud of his strength and courage to fight this monster !

I called the pcp this morning and spoke to him directly. I asked if he wanted to join our celebration this evening with pizza. I said we were not only celebrating my husband's improvement, but we were going to celebrate the fact that the doc was "WRONG". I get so angry with these docs and their prognosis sometimes. They seem to forget that their judgments are based on inaccurate studies sometimes. LOL

PS Doc won't be able to make it tonight for pizza. Tooo funny huh? :lol:

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Too bad the PCP can't make the pizza party — he's really going to be missing out. Though I guess he's already missed out, hasn't he?

I agree with you at least 150% about the docs who are so eager to provide a grim prognosis in such definite terms, even before treatment has started. But don't get me started on that!

Anyway, I'm absolutely delighted that hubby is feeling better and stronger, and if I lived closer, I'd be there to help you celebrate. Make mine pepperoni and mushrooms with extra cheese. Aloha,


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Oh yes......I would love to have everyone on the LCSC board over for pizza. Although mushrooms will have to be on the side (ewww)

Seeing the way my hubby has been for the past few days it's just so amazing. Not long ago he couldn't even walk 2 ft without assistance. All of his meals etc were served bedside and he slept most all the time. I know the gemzar/carbo had a lot to do with it also and it did indeed help according the the comparison ct scans, but now he's on day 2 of Tarceva. I'm ready for the rash and hopefully have everything I need. The bathroom issues started immediately but no rash yet. I hear it's usually around day 8 before that happens.

PS Who wants beer with their pizza tonight?

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Well, I'm celebrating with you, Michelle!!! POOH on those nay-saying docs. They know NOTHING about how long someone may survive. According to THREE local doctors here ~ I am dead now 4+years!!!! So there - thake that and stick it where the sun don't shine! Pizza - YEAH. I might even add a beer or glass of wine! Here's to you guys!


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Be careful Michelle. Randy doing the happy dance will definitely draw a big crowd. LOL

That is such great news to read that not only has your hubby passed that 4 month mark, but has shown such improvement. Each year on that anniversary date you should continue to invite that Doctor over. Just to show him how wrong he was.

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Hey Michelle-

I am so happy hubby is doing better and I definitely want to come to the part. Whenever Randy comes, he can make some of this yummy deserts!!!!

This is why we tell people NOT to listen to statistics - and I hate that some docs give them out. I was told 12 months tops - today is my 35 month mark - in one month I reach 3 years!!!! IN YOUR FACE, DOCS!!!!!!

Your hubby is so happy to have you - you came on this board scared and alone and now you are one of the best advocates here!!! You go, girl!!!

Give hubby tons of hugs from me and celebrate in style and we will all continue to celebrate his successes with you for a long time to come!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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When I came onto the board today to read news posts, I thought to myself how very lucky I am to have found all of you here! I have no doubt that I would be a total emotional wreck if it weren't for all of you here at LCSC. This roller coaster that we ride is just devastating sometimes but without friends like all of you I shutter to think. I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you here.....in fact.....I would like to adopt all of you as family :D God Bless and may we all continue hearing good news. Prayer is a powerful thing ya know?

PS And as far as Docs and their statistics.....they can shove it right?

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