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Monday's air


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I guess Judy is busy with family or traveling so I will just drop in to say good morning. I hope everyone had a great week end.

As you can guess I am back home.I had a really great visit with my sister in law and the rest of the family. Still there is no place like home!

I sat outside with my neighbors until 8:30 last night then came in and read for awhile but my bed was calling me. As for Misty she slept until I woke her up at 7:30 this morning to go outside. She was slow getting started but then she was ready to go and ran down the hall like a horse tring to get out to her morning romp around the yard. When she is ready to go out you would swear she is a puppy instead of an old lady of 16 or 17. I'm not quite sure but I am guessing close to 17 if not there yet.

Misty has some days where I know that this may be her last winter but other times she surprises even me. I do know one thing she is sure obstinate. She hates riding in a car or truck even on the seat next to me out of her pet taxi. I think that has something to do with going to the groomers. The other thing is when she gets to Sherrell's house she pulls a hunger strike against dog food. The same food she eats at home she turns her nose up to.

I am pretty stuborn too because I know she can't have too much table food or she gets sick. Still she tries. She is right in Sherrell's footsteps the whole time with those big brown eyes watching and waiting just in case there is a bite coming her way. I did finally give in and feed her a hot dog and some snacks but she refused the food until we got home. As soon as we were home she ran to her dish looking. I put the rest of the can she wouldn't eat at Sherrells for her and I thought she was going to lick a hole through the dish and the floor!! I guess she has earned the right to be picky when she gets the chance but sometimes I get exasperated with her. I put the leash on her just before we got home. When the truck stopped and she saw where she was she nearly hanged herself jumping off of the seat.What a dog!!!

I finished a Bible cover for my neighbor I wish I could show it to you. I am really proud of it. I just have to put some handles on it because she requested them. I will hold on to it for a few days because I have an order for another one with praying hands and it will be a lot easier to follow the one I did than trying to do it from a picture again.

I have so many projects going that there never seems to be enough time. My fitness class takes up some time too and walking. I walked to the store this morning but by the time it was time to come home the sun was high so I rode the bus. I have things to do today because tomorrow will be one busy day but for now I am sitting here letting it all go because after just 3 days it is so great to be home.

Have a really great day everyone stay well and safe. Lillian

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Windy and cool here today. I was watching Ted Kennedys funeral the other day and they mentioned his oldest daughter is a lung cancer survivor,I knew his son had leg cancer but never knew about his daughter. Im going to Kearney here in a little bit,my best friend had a stroke yesterday.I always thought he was in great shape,quit smoking and drinking about 15 years ago and exercized on a daily basis. I quess we just never know.Have a good day everyone!

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