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Lung Cancer Deals Tough Blow: Stockwell's Book Combines Story of Treatment, Poetry...

Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:10am EDT

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Lung Cancer Deals Tough Blow: Stockwell's Book Combines Story of Treatment,

Poetry to Express Terminal Illness

BEDFORD, Mass., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Through poetry and narrative, "Moving

on into Morning" (published by iUniverse) presents the hopes, frustrations,

despair and innermost feelings of a patient and her spouse as lung cancer

takes over their lives and brings a crushing end to their 52-year marriage.

"Moving on into Morning" begins with a 23-page foreword that is a record of

each significant event in the 18 months leading up to author James Stockwell's

wife Elsie's death from lung cancer, including hospital and doctor visits,

reaction to medications, discussions with family members and James' own

emotional responses. The 74 poems that follow the foreword express Elsie's

response to the cycle of treatments, the events that occurred on the way to

her death and her final thoughts as death approaches.

"Thousands of people throughout the world face the loss of a loved one to

terminal illness," James said. "This book brings to the surface the day-to-day

agonies of losing someone you love, especially for those of us who are

overwhelmed by all the decisions that have to be made when a loved one is

confronting the inevitability of death."

The Stockwells were totally unprepared to deal with a life-ending terminal

illness and although they had used some of the best hospitals and doctors in

the world, they still lacked the personal experience and education required to

deal with 4th stage lung cancer. Let the Stockwells' words help you re-examine

your own life.

About the Author

James Stockwell co-founded Adage Inc., an early stage computer company

credited with designing and marketing the first computer graphics terminal. As

a consultant, he traveled throughout the U.S. interviewing more than 2,000

persons to identify candidates for senior-level positions in many different

fields. Now retired, he is the editor of the Villager, a quarterly literary

publication at Carleton-Willard Village in Massachusetts. Elsie Wear Stockwell

was an artist and had two books of poetry published, "The Light Between the

Leaves" and "For a Stranger Here."

iUniverse is the premier book publisher for emerging, self-published authors.

For more information, please visit http://www.iuniverse.com.

EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact:

Promotional Services Department

Tel: 1-800-AUTHORS

Fax: 812-355-4078

Email: promotions@iuniverse.com

(When requesting a review copy, please provide a street address.)

This release was issued through eReleases. For more information, visit


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