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I had a nightmare..........


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My mom is almost five years out, I wonder why NOW I would have such a dream...

Most of my dreams are of something that happened many years ago, and sometimes a long-ago event is combined with my current capabilities (or lack thereof), but I rarely if ever dream about a recent situation. Here's a typical example:

I'm taxiing out to takeoff in an airplane that I've flown hundreds of times before, like in the 1970s or 80s, and suddenly it's time for a procedure or radio frequency change that I've forgotten how to do. After some fumbling and embarrassment I start to realize, hey, there's no way I can have a medical certification to fly since I've had Meniere's Disease since 1995 and now I've got lung cancer, so I must not be really taxiing this airplane, and there's no reason that I need to remember all those details. How lucky! It's just a dream, and now I can go back to sleep.

Back when I was healthy and I really WAS flying, I'd dream about some college course that I'd signed up for and forgotten to ever attend, and it was final exam time, and what do I do now? What a relief when I realized I was no longer in college and it was just a dream. Weird, huh?


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I have crazy dreams all the time. I always have, but even more so since my husbands dx. I don't understand it either it's just how our minds work sometimes. I used to have nice dreams too, but since the dx it's nightmares each and every night.

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Right after mom was diagnosed, I kept having dreams that I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I kept telling the doctor that he had to keep it a secret because I had to take care of my mom.

After a few months it went away, but they were scary while I was having them.


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Maybe its because in your dreams you are trying to protect your mom and dreaming you have it and not her. Who knows why we dream what we do.

The other night I dreamt my husband put in a new kitchen sink for me but it was only two feet off the ground and I was washing dishes on my hands and knees!!! LOL!!! In the morning I yelled at him and he looked at me like what the hell did I do now!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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