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Off topic but explains my absence


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Hi Ladies and Gents

Sorry I haven't been here in a while....I hope everyone is doing fine or at least getting better....The fact that I have not been here doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of you all....you guys are ALWAYS in my prayers....and that's a given

Well...things have been happening very quickly with my husband and it is keeping me on my toes with phonecalls...appointments...meds and so on...Seems his kidney's have been failing rapidly and his kidney doctor wanted to put him on dialysis....He said..."no way..I am feeling fine and I am not going to do this" We went for a second opinion ...the chief at University of Md Hospital here in Md...He said...'his numbers are bad but he doesn't go by number's...cause Phil is feeling OK..looking good and doing his regular stuff...

But the doc said...he was an excellent candidate for a kidney transplant...

So here is where we are right now...going thru all kind of tests..running from this doctor to that one ..getting ready and to see if he can withstand the operation...He has to be in good shape for them to do this...So far everything is looking good but still many tests to go....Unbelieveable...

Oh and he has a live donor...a perfect stranger....another story ...another time...too long for now...

Ok kids..I will be back when I can...please keep us in your prayers...till then everyone...stay well and God Bless...The big C is coming...THE BIG CURE

SO everyone hold tight and keep praying...

love you all....and thanks Katie...see you on FB...


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