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Just saw surgeon for check up.


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Well I hurried back to the office to get on the chat now find that it is central time - no need to hurry.

I'm still too scared to post in good news for fear of jinxing things so I'm sticking with general. I had my second lobectomy on August 17th and just came from my second followup with the surgeon. 99% good news. He said that my RML and my LUL were two different cancers so for now they are classifying me as 1A and 1A and he's pretty darn sure that means that the oncologist will say no chemo required. He did say that there was some iffy pathology on the removed lobe - some dysplasia which they said was noncancerous but not normal cells. I think fine it's in the lobe they took out right. So he says that we will follow things closely to watch for and catch recurrences early so I am lucky to have vigilent doctors watching for just in cases - even though for now they are comfortable saying NED!!!

I wish it was NED without pain - but since my second surgery was on August 17th I'm entitled to a little pain. Just wish I had taken one more week off work - thank goodness this is a long weekend and tomorrow is Friday.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.


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that is great news

I am amazed you are going back to work so quickly!!

I went back afetr a month and two weeks and I thought I was Saint Teresa!!!!

Praying for your continued good news!

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