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Is this from Tarceva or Zometa?


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Hubby is on day #8 of Tarceva. All has been going well (I can see rash on it's way). But yesterday he had his #1 infusion of Zometa. This morning his breathing seems labored and he has a low grade fever with chills. I'm taking him into the doc's in about an hour but wanted to send a quick question to all of you before we leave. Has anyone experienced these side effects with either the Tarceva or Zometa? According to inserts given to us from the pharmacy these are not listed. Thanks!

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We ended up visiting the pcp and had a phone conversation with the onc doc last night. The pcp said the fever/chills was from the zometa. The difficulty breathing he didn't know so ordered an x-ray and prescribed levaquin. The onc doc called in the evening and said that it's doubtful any of these side effects were caused by either the Tarceva or the Zometa. Said to give him tylenol for the fever and keep a close watch on him, if the fever did not drop and if the heart rate was high then he suspected PE and to call 911.

Well, I stayed awake all night watching and monitoring. This morning his fever/chills are gone and the heart rate is within normal. As for me......I'm just so darn tired and emotionally drained. I'm so upset having to deal with two different docs with two different opinions. I imagine we're lucky sometimes because with me in the middle, I make sure that each one knows what the other is doing, updating each on current medications, faxing tests to each one of them. I shutter to think about what would happen if I didn't because clearly these two don't talk to each other.

I've never been the kind of person who can sleep once the sun in up. So, since this journey of ours began and I'm surviving on just a few hours of sleep daily, I'm beginning to feel the physical tole it's taking on me. It's funny sometimes because when I'm up half the night and I see hubby sleeping during the day.....I actually feel jealous. :D

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Hello West Coast Sister - Nothing to add but sending you hugs and prayers. I'm the same in terms of not being able to sleep during the day. I bought a sleep mask that I can put over my eyes. It also has some cucumber extract that is supposed to help the circles under my eyes. We'll see!

Hang in there, glad hubby's temp is down.


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Didn't sleep all day yesterday but went to bed as soon as the sun went down. Turned out it was one of those "nights" when hubby couldn't sleep. So......now I feel like a walking zombie. Maybe I should get one of those masks ya think?

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