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Saturday's Air


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MORNING ALL! And happy Labor's Day weekend. I see in my handy planner book calendar that our Canadian friends celebrate too.

I spent a day and night at my SIL in VA and then went to Mt Holly NJ to stay in my sister/cousin's yard. I lived with her as a child. It was fabulous. I heard my husband say my family ran me ragged but I loved it. Spent lots of quality time with her, one of my sisters and had a 3-hr lunch with some of my Italian cousins. It was exhausting but great.

Michelle, you weren't on the boards last year but my husband has a younger man he's been working with for years. They have a home in Pittsgrove PA that they just moved into. We stayed last year when the house was being renovated and it's a real retreat. It's in the middle of farm country with a deep lot. We stay in the back and have full hook-up behind his pole barn/shop where my husband works on equipment. I'm happy to say we still have our birds, wild turkey, groundhog and deer. I'll rest and recover here. They are having a cookout Sunday so we'll do that. I'll miss this next year. They are getting two horses and our spot will probably be pasture next year.

The Alimta threw me a curve this time. I did well with my anti-constipation routine then it came back on me later. I am not a napper so the fatigue problem is a real issue but I'm starting to fight through it more. I'm tired of being tired. I have one scheduled here the 14th, right between two weekend parties.

My Conditional Hall Pass will stayin place until we get home somewhere around Sept 28. The internet here starts getting impossible starting in the afternoon. Evening forget it. I'll be around for awhile and then have a ladies party in Sea Isle Sep 11, 12 and 13 and another Sept 19 and 20. I know we're a little old for pj parties but hey...! We all went to high school together and some of us went to kindergarten together. It is very cool.

Hope everyone is well. I've ducked in a couple of times and read a little but know I'll never catch up. Bur I consider you the kind of friends now that I know I can just pick up again with after I finish gypsing around.

Judy in Pittsgrove PA

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I'm so jealous! Staying at your friends place with all the animals sounds just wonderful.....almost as much as a girl's pj party :D Sorry about the Almita and I understand about the day naps....I can't do it either. Just enjoy yourself, rest and come back soon.

I'm sitting here thinking about shopping today myself. It's very rare for me to get an hour away from home, but our son is here. I'm hoping he can sit with hubby for a bit while I do something fun. I want one of those fancy coffee makers that makes one cup at a time.....some German name. Has different flavored coffee in these little containers. Sounds fun!

I have laundry, dishes, and general cleaning that needs to be done, but heck, I deserve some fun right?


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Sorry I haven't been able to do the Air this week, but this is the end and the first of the month where I have to do all my running around (ie. groceries, pay bills, etc.) so by the time that I sit down at the computer, in the evenings, I am just too tuckered out.

Judy, we finally got that rain, Early Friday morning. YEEEHAW!!! for cooling things down. Rain in the forecast for today and all of next week. The fur babies hate it cause they have to be kept inside and only taken out on leashes (too muddy in the back yard and no fence or shelter in the front). We have nothing planned for the holiday other than to sit back and relax. My oldest daughter's boyfriend got a job with UPS, and has training scheduled for next week. Altho UPS only works warehouse personnel part time, they still get benefits and it's a JOB! He has been looking since the middle of November. So this week ended being pretty good.

A highlight for me this week was moderating the chat on Thursday (Thursday's Brunch Bunch at 11:30 CST). I thoroughly enjoyed it. And Katie says we can do it every week. I will be posting a reminder on Tuesdays in the general forum. Ya'll come!!!.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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Hey guys! It's taken me a half hour to get online and into my email where I got notification of a couple of posts I was following including this one. Don't know how long before I get kicked off again.

Michelle, I hope you went shopping and treated yourself to that fancy coffee pot. You get as much time as you can while your son is there!

Dawn, I'm so thrilled for you that you got rain. Sorry about the fur babies but you deserve a cool-off. Hope it lasts awhile. And congratulations to your daughter's SO. An UPS job is nothing to sneeze at especially in today's economy.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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