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Joel's pet coming up again/ Results 9/16


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Here it is again, that dreaded Pet time. If all is NED again they will finally make the scan to every 6 months.

Keep fingers crossed for another NED which wiill make it 1 year.....

He is having it done on Friday, 9/11 (hope its lucky) :roll:

They just found out Joel's sister has brest cancer (along with his mom who is 89l His sister had BC 24 years ago and now it is back. Please pray that her stage is good. She has an appointment tomrrow.

Take care all, will keep you updated...


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That blasted elephant is back in the middle of the room again, keeping positve thoughts for NED again and have no doubts that everything is fine. The elephant will be back in the corner again as soon as the results come in.

Keep on taking deep breaths, I shall be thinking of you both.


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You've got my prayers - definitely.

Yes, it's that time again, and every good thought possible will be in there for NED for Joel.

(Our niece has been going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Her mother [my sister] has been a 40-year breast cancer survivor.)

Here's to good scans and long, long survivals.


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Just got the results of Joel's pet. He had an appointment on Friday to find out and he was on pins and needles this time. But we actually just got a call from his Cyberknife Doctor who also received the results and it is GREAT news.

We had a visit from NED again!!!! This is now one year LC free.... the longest it has been.

There a tiny uptake which they want to watch and he will have another pet in 3 months. This did not concern her at all.

Thank you again for your prayers and good wishes. You could uncross those fingers and toes now!

It is now one year LC free.... that's a record for him.

Maryanne :D:o:lol::)8):wink::mrgreen:

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Happy tears here from me and my family. And.. when you go to the pub to celebrate, the next round is on me. This is wonderful news. As for that uptake.. well, my mom's recent history with uptakes was that she had three areas of uptake that were all benign... so we know they aren't always cancer. So happy for you.



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