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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! I just posted to Hollywood Squares with much difficulty so I'm going to do the Air and get out of here. The internet here is driving me crazy. I have to keep clicking out of windows or the net altogether to avoid the "Windows Explorer can't open message.

All you working folks must be heading back to your jobs this morning. Sorry about that but aren't holiday weekends great. Dawn, you'd love the weather here today--overcast and cool with rain predicted. It's frankly a little chilly for me and I have to go outside to workout. Hope it warms up a little

It is so bizarre that my husband and I are both starting with the eye allergies again. And it started the day after we spent the whole day outside at the picnic. Eyes swollen and sticky in the morning. His waters more during the day and mine burns more. I was in the computer working most of yesterday and had to go back to sunglasses again last evening. What a drag.

Just running some errands today. Take some time off from the computer and get back to paperwork tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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Good morning Judy. Sorry you are having computer problems. I'm afraid I lose my temper really easy when that happens.

It is looking like another beautiful day here in Northern California. It is supposed to get up over 100 again later in the week but so far it looks great. The weather was perfect over the weekend. I spent almost all of each day outside. I did get a little ansy yesterday morning. The holidays still get to me. I feel like I need to do something special and the weather tells me it is picnic/bar b que time. Unfortunately with my car out of commision I was stuck home. A couple of my neighbors and I thought about going but she hurt her back and my other friend had a chance to get free fire wood for his camping trips if he helped someone cut wood.

Sorry about your eyes. It seems the nicer the weather the more my alergies kick up.

This morning Misty had one of her eyes glued shut. It had been clear for two weeks then started again. She is having a few other problems too but still runs like a puppy when she wants to go outside and runs up the stairs several times a day. I fear the one morning she just might not wake up but then I know that would be the best way. I hate to think of having to decide to put her down. She is about 17 now and I don't think she has many months left. Then again she may surprise me. Who would have thought she would have lasted this long?

Enough I have things to do. Hope everyone has a great day. Lillian

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Judy, I envy you the weather. I am sorry you seem to be having so many problems with the allergies

All that beautiful, lovely rain we were supposed to get? Only on Thurs. night and then it all disappeared again. They are keeping it in the forecast, (personally, I think they do it just to tease us and just so they don't look bad if it actually happens). Anyway, I am resigned to the fact that we probably won't get any cool, gray days until sometime in Oct or Nov.

Today is set to be a warm one, but at least not a scorcher, so I am thankful.

Gonna try and tackle scrubbing and mopping the kitchen/dining room tile floor today. I have help available if it is needed, so it shouldn't be to hard. Other than that, I have nothing planned for the day other than read the news and play some computer games.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.


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