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Just feel sad


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Glad the book club gave you a good discussion, and the restaurant was nice.

Those days, or parts of days, I call :(melancholy :( . I have had them scattered throughout my life. Thankfully, they don't last, but they can put a slight pall over things. I know the feeling.

Happy for you, Barb, that the day ended on a better note.


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I know SAD. I am living it everyday and have been since I lost Thom a month ago.

I started grief counseling this week and when the counselor ask what feelings I was having, the only one I can come up with that kind of sums things up is the word SAD.

It is a horrible feeling and one I have yet to conquer. Hense, the grief counseling.

Good luck to you, these are some really tough days. :(

Thinking of you,


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Thank you everyone for your kind responses. Jean, if you ever want to "talk" email me, we are walking the same path. My feelings

now are just a deep, deep sorrow. Then some bad-sad, and occasional rage.

Last week I went out of town and found it very stressful, I didn't sleep well and have had back pain and a headache for 2 weeks now. My chiropractor is out of town this week. My dog seems to be mad that I was gone, came back and had the nerve to go out with the club! She has been pooping/piddling in the house. Last night she decided to mix it up with a young possum, I stepped on a hose barefoot going to stop her and have a bruised foot. She was unharmed and the possum quickly waddled away. I hope all this is happening at once so I can have a nice weekend!!!

Today is haircut day, I love that.

Barbb :)

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