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One year ago and another scan


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Hi all,

Today was the day, one year ago, that the ER folks told me to go see a pulmonary doc.

Tomorrow is my second post treatment scan (it's only been 4 months since radiation ended, how'd this get scheduled so early?) - CT with contrast. Not looking forward to drinking that smoothie.

Didn't sleep all that well last night, but swam this morning and worked today, including presenting to our board this evening. Well, kept me occupied.

I see the onc a couple hours after the test. I'll report back tomorrow night.

Fingers crossed.

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Well, that was interesting. The doc came in and said my scan looked great - and that the radiologist said next scan 1 year. I asked about the small nodule in my right lung. He pulled up the report and, OOPS!, he had looked at my June scan. Today's show probably metatasic disease in the right lung and liver. 11 mm newbie in the liver and lots of little floaties in the right lung.

Scheduling a liver biopsy. He says 99.8% sure right now, let's be 100% before proceeding. Likely Tarceva.

Sorry to be the bum news of the day.

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Biopsy scheduled for next Tuesday morning. 10 day wait to see the doc. Then he goes on sabbatical! I'm sure he has earned it, but I've already had 3 docs leave permanently and now this. Is it me? Maybe I should take a couple of months off too.

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Not sure how to flag this as updated, but here we go. As expected, the liver nodule has the same markers as the original lung tumor. It's back. It's small and I don't have symptoms. I guess that is all good. I've got a script for Tarceva - will get the low down from insurance next week to see what is covered. Also getting a sample tested for the HGFR mutation. Never wished to be a mutant before.

We went to the movies this evening, but I just kept falling asleep.

I do have an appointment for a 2nd opinion, in two weeks. I need to call them Monday and see if starting Tarceva before would create any problems. Not really in a rush, but I guess if they want to scan in 8 weeks, it would be good to start close to the last scan.

I have a team started for our Free to Breathe Walk - if you happen to be planning to be in Seattle November 9, I hope you will join us on team "No Jello".

Good night all and thank you for all the prayers and good wishes

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