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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! It's taken me 30 min to get here, and that's not driving time. Lily, I don't have too much patience for this internet issue either. I can hang in awhile in the morning but when I try and try in the afternoon or evening, I just can't handle it. Dawn, I guess I have cleaning on my mind too. I dreamed last night I was sorting thru my grandson's toys and dusting and sweeping with my Swiffers. Think it's because my allergies have gone amuk again and dusting might help.

Eyes more swollen this morning, right almost swollen shut. You know though, I've been feeling so well lately that I'm not letting the allergies get me down. I'm treating them with the stuff I've got and just hope I can get to the doctor sometime when my eyes are like they were last night. Burning, burning, burning and thick yellow muck in both corners. You know you have to make appointments and by the time you get to the doctor, the symptoms disappear.

Cool and overcast this morning but the sun is breaking through. Not many birds at the feeders the last couple of days. Seems they don't like gloomy weather so I'll see what happens if the sun comes out.

I'll see if the internet will let me stay on long enough to do some posts. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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Good morning Judy. It is supposed to be getting hot again today. We have had over a week of incredable weather. I wish I could bottle it and take it out on the hot days. I know we really need the rain and I am looking forward to those cool rainy days indoors but still I will miss the time outside every evening with my neighbors. If the temp drops to 80 you would swear there was a blizzard :roll: One of my neighbors told me I never grew up so maybe that is why the cold doesn't bother me so much, if you want to call 80 cool!!

Plenty to do this morning. A meeting to go to then a lunchon. I really need to tend to the recycle but I have so many projects going I hate to take the time. I am working on two Bible covers and a bank for my grandson. I also had a request to help make another 50 bottle carriers and of coarse with Winter coming and all of that extra yarn I do need to make some more scarves for the mission.

Well breakfast is getting cold and dirty dishes are waiting. Have a great day everyone and Judy I sure hope your eyes clear up soon but I am so glad that you feel so well otherwise. Take care. Lillian

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Morning all,

Today is supposed to be in the 90's and partly sunny...We shall see. I have got my fingers crossed for next week. We are supposed to start of with rain over the weekend and only get up into the 80's next week. I hope this portends an early fall. Sure would be nice especially on the pocketbook. I would love to be able to turn of the A/C and throw all of the windows open!

I am planning on doing the dishes and nothing else today. Never did get that floor mopped but may try getting that done as well.

Right now I am off the make a meatloaf sandwich for breakfast. I hope everyone has a good day today.


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