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Monday's Air


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Morning All! It was so good to see you all chatting on the Airs over the weekend. Mine was good in spite of the stormy weather. My husband and I crept through Sea Isle to get to Eleanor's house. The town was flooded. It was gloomy and chilly until Sunday when we all left. No beach time. But get four women together with wine and food and talk and talk and talk and you have a great time. This lady who is accustomed to be in bed by nine, ten at the latest, stayed up til 1 am Sat and midnight Fri. How much fun was that!

The storms did something so we still have no satillite TV and it is bright and sunny outside. We even got a little time in the sun yesterday when we got back from the shore. We set up our lawn chairs and table in the field and just watched nature.

We're making the trek to Mt Holly today for an infusion so I thought I'd better get on the site now. I tried getting on the net yesterday but it was afternoon and into evening and no luck. We've heard on the news here that in this area the ipods have turned into air wave hogs. They say AT&T had no idea of the amount of time people would be spending on them and the satellites were not prepared for it so drop offs are very common. It's frustrating because I'll get on and get to where I want to be just in time to be bumped off again. Early morning (I haven't been getting up so early lately LOL) seems to be the best.

Have a great day everyone. Hope your weather suits your mood wherever you live.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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Good morning all. Got up to a light drizzle and cool temperature. What a welcome change. I know it won't last but while it does I am taking advantage. All windows open and fresh air coming int.

Well I am off to the grocery I need a few things and will buy a nice pork roast to cook with plenty of garlic. It is that kind of day. Hope you are all well and happy this morning.

Judy I had a cousin that would come visit and we would set up til 2 or 3 in the morning. He liked to say that you can sleep anytime but you can only visit when you have the oportunity. I think we are of the same spirit. Glad you had such a good time.


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I'm sort of "batching" it this week while Lani is on a brief trip to the mainland. We figured this would be a good time for her to get away since she no longer has to care for her mother, I'm doing okay for now, and I'm currently in the "good" (second) half of my chemo cycle. Our main concern was Rosie, who has developed a very strong bond with Lani and eagerly anticipates their brisk multi-mile walks every morning and evening. Rosie seems to understand that I'm not up to the same level of activity, and she lets me know that she's grateful for just short walks if we can supplement that with some tennis ball action in the front yard. The weather this week is gorgeous, and that helps.


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Hi All! I woke up this morning before hubby, so I thought it would be nice to grab some coffee and sit on the back patio. Boy, was I surprised at the weather change. It's been so hot here but this morning I was actually COLD! But, that's okay, I had my coffee, listened to be birds and relaxed before the daily chores etc had to begin. It was good for me I think! :D

Taking hubby in for another jugular ultrasound this afternoon. Apparently they tell me the last one that had "good news" was the wrong kind of ultrasound. ughhh Didn't know there was a difference.

I put a nice pot roast in the oven and it smells just wonderful! I just hope I'm not the only one to eat it. Maybe I'll try and "guilt" hubby into eating some. Veggies are something he isn't fond of these days, but I'll give it a try.

Have a good day everyone!

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Just got back from my infusion and visiting family in Mt Holly. They did the infusion a little differently and added something called Aloxi (I think) to my steroid drip. It's for naseau but my onc doesn't think naseau is a problem with Alimta. I get a little for a couple of days but my zophran does the trick. Ned, guess what the major side effect of the stuff is: contipation. So I got an anti-naseau med I don't need that causes constipation added to my chemo that has a major side-effect of constipation. Just when I had it worked out for just the Alimta too. What a drag.

Ladies, pork roast and post roast, yum. I've been wanting to start cooking for my husband once a week and was considering learning to cook a great pot roast which is something he seldom does. Michelle, maybe you can send me your recipe. I also saw Paula Dean advertising a pork roast you can buy that is already marininated made by Smithfield. Lily it's probably not a good as yours but sounds easy for me LOL. Lily, I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy the weather with your windows open. Michelle, that coffee on the patio sounds great. I'm looking forward to coffee on my screen porch even with the few birds I get there when I get home.

Ned, I'm so glad Rosie is tuned into your pace. I'm sure she is delighted to have you all to herself for awhile. She'll be glad to see Lani when she gets back but in the meantime, she probably loves her job of keeping you company. And Lani is probably enjoying her much-deserved R&R.

Good nite everyone. Mike I miss you turning out the lights. Did I miss something? Are you away or in computer distress?

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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