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I have not had an inhaler sience my lung was removed. I saw my pulmonary doctor the other day for a follow up on my recent pneumonia. While I was there, he did a PFT test. I knew I had been short of breath for some time. The results surprised me and him both. He told me the results were pitiful. I have only 43% function. He gave me 2 inhalers and wants to see me back in 3 weeks while they are in my system. Has anyone used Advair or Spiriva? They seem to be helping. I was actualy able to sing in church Sunday. I've not done that in about 1 1/2 years now. If the PFT is not better we will try something else. I do better w/out oxygen. My hemotologist don't want me taking steroids because of WBC. Advair does have steroids. Can anyone that has used either of these comment?

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I've used Spiriva. I did notice a differance. I tried to quit taking it a couple of times and really noticed a negative difference. Then I couldn't pick it up at the pharmacy for about a week and nothing changed I was still breathing the same, good, so I quit taking it. I just go through phases where I just get sick of medicine.


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Bill was put on Spiriva last October/November as a result of his having been sent to the ER at HUMC, in the middle of the night, due to coughing up blood.

They did CT scans, and found that there was nothing serious, just some scarring (probably from radiation).

That was almost a year ago. He was tested right after the ER visit, at the pulmonologist's office, and his lung function was below normal.

That's when he was given the prescript for the Spiriva.

Since then, and even having gone through chemotherapy, he has never had a recurrence of the cough/blood/incident.

He does very well with breathing (climbs stairs in this humongous house {3 stories high]) and I never hear him short of breath.

The best part of Spiriva is that it isn't a steroid. He was not supposed to be on one due to other issues.

He takes only that, and once a day, in the morning.

Best to you, Bruce,


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I used spivea --but I did not really feel it helped

I have never had the same breathing since I got part of my lung removed

It just is not there any more

But that is OK!!! I am still here

so what if I walk a little slower --I am still spry

but that is just what happened to me!!!

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