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Hey Fay A, Are you rockin and rollin???


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The epicenter of Monday's big one is about 80 miles away, but we felt it here. I was on the second floor, so things were definitely swaying. There's damage to some of the older buildings in the town near where I live, but no one locally was killed.

Today's little one (3.7 on the Richter Scale) was centered only about 4 miles away from me. Again, I was on the second floor, so things were moving WAAAAAAY more than I would like.

I lived in Japan for 5 years, and we dealt with earthquakes on a regular basis...big ones that killed many people and damaged lot's of buildings. Where I live now has not seen a lot of seismic activity over the past 6 years, but I think that's about to change. The experts kept telling everyone that the Cambria Quake on Monday (6.5 temblor) was "too small" to disturb other fault lines and would not precipitate additional quakes in distant areas....Today's little rock and roll put the lie to that opinion!

I just hope there aren't anymore, but I'm not betting on it. Thanks for asking after me, Gail. I was out of power and phone service off and on Monday, but things are okay now.

Fay A. PS My dog does not handle earthquakes well at all.....he started jumping around and whining a good minute before Monday's quake hit this area. He hasn't been "right" since then...poor puppy.

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You're invited to hop a plane and get out of the "sway" of things. Bring the dog...we'll work something out with the cat.

I PROMISE not to serve any beef...Mabton is only about 40 miles away from us :shock: . What a way to make the national news. Moooo-moo!

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I left England in 96 to escape Bovine Insanity...... You know, no one in my family can donate blood because we lived in the UK at the height of the problem....at a time when everyone was insisting that there WASN'T a problem.

So we still have to be checked out every so often...it can take up to 10 years for the infection to show up in humans.

Hopefully it's just the one cow in WA and no others are infected, and none of the meat will be allowed into our food supply.

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That Mad Cow Disease is something else. We lived in London and have not been able to donate blood either. I sure hope the USA doesnt do like Britain and ban all bone-in meat. I really missed those Texas T-bones while we were living there. I mainly ate Chicked, didnt want to take the chance. lol.

Being from Texas and Texas being a producer of over 16% of all USA beef, we hope that it is only 1 cow too. We are still suffering from the oil industry shake up and all we need is the beef as well.

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