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Celeb Deaths and my weird reaction


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I don't know where else to process this or who else would even get it without rolling their eyes.

I don't get into celebrity news. I just don't. And celebrity deaths bug me because I always, think, Why do we care more about them than the 'nameless' loved ones that pass away each and every day.

But this week, the news about Patric Swayze's death, Kathryn Joosten's recurrence, and now Mary Travers death has absolutely undone me.

I just heard about Mary Travers and I burst into tears. I don't do that about people I don't know in person I just don't.

But all three of those people are pieces of my Mom. Mom and I LOVED Patrick Swayze. We'd watch his movies together. He was just so much fun and seemed to be a real person who wasn't all celebrity weird.

Kathryn Joosten is our Mrs. Landingham. Mom and I LOVED to watch West Wing.

But Peter, Paul, and Mary... Well I fell in love with them growing up. Mom and I would watch the PBS specials of their performances. It was something we did together and we'd sing and sound awful together. I LOVED their music. I LOVED the person of Mary Travers and how passionate and outspoken she was. I loved that her voice wasn't like anyone else's but that you could so listen to it.

And the news this week... It has just torn me up. As much because I will miss the presence of Patrick Swayze and Mary Travers (and because I just hate that Kathryn Joosten is sick again), but also because these are connections to my Mom. And I can't stand to have those connections threatened or gone. :(

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Dear Val,

I have one more celeberty to add to this list. Henry Gibson pass away on Monday too. I'm sure you and your mom knew who he was. Story below.

Most celeberties don't get to me emotionally either, unless they hit my memory buttons. When they are part of my memories or my loved ones, then I get choked up. I understand your feelings. (((VAL)))

Sadly enough, all these that have passed in the last week and one that hasn't were or are fighting some kind of cancer. :(

Hugs to you,



Veteran comedian and character actor Henry Gibson has passed away. He was 73.

According to the actor's son James, Gibson died Monday at his home in Malibu, CA after a brief battle with cancer, reports the Associated Press.

Gibson was perhaps best known for reciting offbeat poetry on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" on TV in the late '60s and early '70s. He also appeared in such films as 'The Long Goodbye,' 'The 'Burbs' opposite Tom Hanks, 'Wedding Crashers' and 'Nashville,' which earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

He also voiced Wilbur the Pig in the animated version of "Charlotte's Web." In addition to his recent TV stint as the irritable Judge Clark Brown on ABC's "Boston Legal" and steady work on shows ranging from "Knight Rider" to "Malcolm in the Middle," Gibson had a memorable role in the 1980's 'The Blues Brothers' as an Illinois neo-nazi leader.

Gibson is survived by three sons and two grandchildren.


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Face it, you're just jealous because your mom will finally be able to meet Patrick and Mary and you have to wait! (Macabre thought, huh?) :wink:

I get what you're saying, really, just giving you a little bit of crap so you feel loved.

Take care,


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I understand your feelings. You associate their lives with your Mom, and I associate their lives with the landscape of my own life.

I hated hearing the news about Katherine Joosten. It makes me afraid for my own health even more that I was before I heard this news. She was fine for 8 years, for crying out loud!

And Patrick Swayze. By all accounts he was a good man who gave everything he had to fighting the beast. And, again, in my personalization of this news, I read that the only symptom he really had was acid reflux, which made me crazy because right now I'm trying to get to the bottom of some reflux issues myself.

I feel sad for these losses just as I feel sad for people who are really in my life passing. And when you connect these people with good times in your life, you realize that something is lost now.

Not only these two, but Farrah, Mary Travers, Teddy Kennedy. It's been a tough year for celebrity deaths.


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