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Thursday's Air


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Afternoon All! Self-discipline kept me off the board this morning. Time is running short to finish even the barest of tasks I assigned myself to do while in the field. Once I got in here yesterday and didn't get kicked off for a change, I could hardly pull myself out! Was surprised to get on this afternoon and stay on so long. Maybe someone spun AT&T or Comcast's satillite.

Have to tell you about my excitement this morning. Got up around seven and was having coffee with Stan when I spotted a young deer (not too small but still with spots on his rump) come out and graze along the tree-line. He was maybe half a foot-ball field or less and walked around, came up to our tree half-way to the coach. He wandered around and ate for at least a half-hour. O.k., now you know what I was doing when I could have been starting the Air--but geez, it was great! And I did get to work when he left LOL.

It's a little overcast and chilly but not a bad day. Hope you are all having a great one.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

P.S. Ann good to see you onboard. I've been scarce lately and seem to keep missing you--do miss you.

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Hey Judy sounds like that beats doing the air. i just love deer. Well at work today and all that fun jazz. I would like to ask for prayers tomorrow as I am scheduled to see my cardiologist and things seem to be going haywire somewhere along the lines. So I would appreciate that. Other than that just hanging out and making things work.

Rainy and sunny here in Vancouver

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Hey Judy!!! What a great time you seem to be having! I would have loved to have seen the little fawn this morning. It's been so long since I've been out in the wild and come in contact with nature and all of it's wonders. I'm so envious.

We've actually had a few dry days here in Florida. It sounds as if all of the rain has moved to Texas and is hovering over Katie. We haven't been able to ride the Harley in what seems like seems like forever because one never knows when the rains will come. But, I think we may pull the bike out tonight and ride to a meeting we have at the Post. I'm so looking forward to it finally cooling down a bit, which won't happen for a month or so yet.

Hope everyone is fine in your little corner of the world!!!


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