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America's Got Talent....


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Anyone else been watching this season? I am so happy that Kevin Skinner won! Yes, there were others that were probably a bit more talented but there was no one any more deserving. The first time I saw him perform, I had goosebumps. He was so great at getting the raw emotions across to his audience. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him.

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Gotta love a chicken herder...ever tried to corral a bunch of those little cluckers?

I liked Voices of Glory and was SURE the Barbara Padilla was going to win, that voice! Last season, I was pulling for Eli and the opera singer won - not any less deserving, I just had goosebumps when watching Eli (and he was cute, too).

Sure was glad, however, that the other singer that ended up with Kevin at the whittling down to five didn't win, Kevin was definitely much better....

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