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Morning All! The sun is up and still trying to burn off the fog. I think it's supposed to be nice as the day goes on. The TV keeps reminding us it is the last day of summer. Here up north, at least. Hope summer hangs in in Key West for the whole winter. My favorite temps are the low to mid eighties lol.

The pj party was fabulous. Ten of us gathered around lots of good food, oldies music and memories. We have enough clowns in the group that we can take turns. A lady named Alice kept us in stitches with her antics about wearing the "jazziest pjs." I got the one guest bed in my host's bedroom because i get to pull the "C card." Didn't land in it until after two in the morning though. One lady who had an inner ear problem fell asleep early but the rest of us burned the midnight oil. What fun.

Today is the day we start preparations for the trek home. I hate this part. Work out so Stan can put the Total Gym away. Go to the laundry and stow all the stuff you pull out to live in the three weeks or so we've been here. I have lost total track of time. I know we were five days near Mt Holly but have been here since before Labor Day.

Hope you have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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LOL Dahknee!

Well it was so pretty here today. Nice and warm I would say about 80 degrees. Went to work and well dont tell the boss but I did NOT work hard all I had to do was sit on the phone and call pts and do triage calls so lets just say my body needed something to do. I got home and cleaned my WHOLE house and both cars and know am totally excited that on Weds I can play since my house is clean :D

My son has been dealing with his asthma. It is so heartbreaking watching your child struggling to breathe. I hate it! Anyways I am giving him ONE more day before we go BACK to his Dr. for steroids.

Well all hope it was a great day for everyone. Judy safe travels to you and your hubby 8)

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