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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Hot and humid already in Emporia VA. We are going to have a tough time getting used to our southern weather again. I admit, although I don't like being chilly, the temps in NJ didn't get as cold as PA last summer. And the low humidity was very nice.

We're at Jellystone Campground, no cable so only have our lousy very expensive sattelite. Stan had to change a tire this morning on the trailer we tow our car on. (You English buffs, I had to restrain myself from saying "on which we tow...." in that last sentence. Grammatically correct but sounds so pompous LOL.) We lose one almost every trip. Hopefully we'll get the problem resolved before another long trip. I'm scheduled to do some work in the computer this morning but am putting it off because I have to get the printer out and hook it up. Hate doing that.

We'll have to find a place to have our spare trailer tire fixed this morning. Won't be covering a lot of miles today since Stan's just having breakfast and it's 8 am. Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in Emporia VA

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Hello Phine Phriends!

Skipping through the forum. Been working a lot lately. Judy, it's good to see you still bouncing around the country. Hope you're feeling well. Hope you all are being and doing your best. I'm still doing good...well, other than just about poisoning myself with too much raw onion on my burritos the other day. :roll: I'm still paying dearly for that. I had no idea onions could HURT so bad. :shock::lol:

I love you all. Have a great day!


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Afternoon all,

I am sorry I have been "missing" this last week, but I have been busy keeping my head above water, lol. I really need to be careful what I ask for when I ask for rain. We got more than our share but not as bad as GA. (where my mom, sister, brother and SIL all live. Bro and SIL live in NW Lawrenceville where they have really gotten hit hard with flooding).

Along with the rain, I got what I really have been wanting, which was cooler temps. It was so nice last night to throw open all of the windows and turn off the A/C. It is still off at 1:00 pm in the afternoon, which I love.

The day is cloudy and cool with temps hovering in the upper 70s. Great fall weather. It's a shame that we will be returning to highs in upper 80's, low 90's by Sunday. But hopefully it won't last long.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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Rainy and windy here all week. We are to have a small family gathering Saturday so I hope we have decent weather for that. I recieved 2 pairs of white homing pigeons I ordered today. When I was in my teens I used to race them. Now I just want a couple pair just to mess with. I find them very relaxing to just sit and watch. I hope everyone had a nice day.

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