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My Nan's Operation Today


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Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been on lately so much going on... My Nan's operation was today on her lung they did less invasive I think its called VATS to take the cancer out they also removed some lymph nodes for testing but think they look clear for now. They did a wedge operation so I am kind of confused I thought a wedge was taking out the lobe but I guess not unless one of you know more? So things seem better than we expected so far but testing needs to be done still on the lymphs. I hope you all are doing well -miss you all when I am not on.


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Hi Marci,

You have 3 lobes that make up your right lung and 2 lobes that make up your left lung. A lobectomey is when the remove one of your lobes. A wedge is when they just remove a wedge shaped section of a lobe. That's wonderful that they did VATS that is so much easier on person. I'm glad they are taking good care of Nan.


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