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Mom has made her decision

millie's girl

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In my previous post I wrote about my 64 year old mother who has been diagnosed with NSCLC. She was totally, absolutely, positively against surgery. Her pulmonologist recommended and even scheduled surgery. This rubbed my mother "WRONG". He didn't have a definite diagnosis and he had already scheduled the surgery. Being a nurse, I realize why he did this. I'm sure he was only trying to get the ball rolling. I took my mother to see an oncologist. He really listened to my mother's concerns and talked about treatment options. He told her that chemo would not be his first choice for treatment in her case, he too recommended surgery. He was so nice and caring. He even gave her a big hug. My mom prayed about it and has agreed to have the surgery. She will go back to see her doctor Monday and hopefully we can obtain a date for the surgery.

When all of this first occured, I prayed that God would heal my mother. Maybe her healing will come through a surgeon.

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A friend of mine had surgery and a small dose of chemo YEARS ago and she is good to go now!!! It is the best way to beat this. Many folks do not get the surgery option. The reason being that the disease has progressed too far for the surgery to be successful!

Congratulations on this! Prayers for quick and speedy recovery for Mom when she does have the procedure done!!!

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I am so happy your Mom was given the option for surgery and now has accepted it. She is younger than your grandparents and perhaps has an earlier diagnosis. I pray all goes well. Some of us do survive. I will welcome her into our family.

Donna G

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I am SO happy to hear this, millie's girl. Unfortunately many of us here have come across members of the medical profession who have either rubbed us the wrong way or were just plain not the greatest. Glad your mom found another who could actually discuss things with her. Keep us up to date and tell mom I wish her the best of luck!


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