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CT scan results


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I thought I should move to updates rather than the general section. My doctor just emailed me my results from the CT scan I had this past Wednesday. I am thankful that she didn't make me wait till my appointment at the end of the week.

Here's what the report said and the note the PCP added.


1. Status post left pneumonectomy with fluid in the left hemithorax.

2. Otherwise no evidense of metastatic disease.

"Tammy, the did see changes consistent with your prior pneumonectomy, but no signs of tumor or metastatic disease. Also the right lung itself looked normal and there was no fluid or thickening around the lung."

Okay.. folks any idea what THIS means?? Honestly, I didn't think the issue was ever with my lung. I've never had any issues with my lung not even the original tumor. It was outside my lung. My lungs have always been clear. I thought it was something with my heart but I guess it's just some kind of fluid. Can they do anything for this? What could cause this? She told me to continue the inhailers and she would see me at my appointment at the end of the week. How are inhalers going to help this?

I will have a lot of questions for her when I see her at the end of the week but if anything has any information or thoughts that would be helpful. I'd like to have some information before I talk to her!

Thanks everyone!

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Tami, I will watch for your post to Dr West and his reply. I think it will probably be reassuring. I had a left lung full of fluid and all my problems appeared to be outside the lung. It was determined to be lung cancer by analysis of the cells in the fluid. I had no tumor but the cancer was confirmed by things you don't appear to have: the cancer cells, a pleural thickening or thickening along the lower chest wall that a PET scan illumination said was consistent with malignancy. I don't hear any of this with you, so I'd hang in there and hope they can deal with the SOB. Nothing so far sounds like cancer to me. Here's hoping for you.

Judy in Key West

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