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It's been a long while


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I know I haven't been around either seeking or giving support, but you all had been so very helpful to me early on with this disease that I wanted to update where things stand with me.

Basically, I have had slow progression of disease with growth of all known lesions and new ones developing regularly since I finished my first line chemotherapy (Carbo/Taxol/Avastin) in August '08. Since then I have been on Tarceva, Alimta, Cisplatin/Taxotere, Navelbine and now Gemzar since August 18. I continue to work but have not been seeing patients since the first of August after I had to go on long-acting pain meds for the progressive bone mets. I am short of breath with minimal exertion and have developed a small pleural effusion on the right side (side of my primary). My liver function tests are elevated and the large lesion in my liver has many new friends. Once the liver function tests reach about 5 times normal they'll have to stop the Gemzar. I still get Zometa and will continue that until I opt for no treatment, no more work and enroll in Hospice.

I still enjoy interacting with people at work and my family. I'm still sewing and even planning a trip to New Mexico late next month to see my siblings, mother and #2 daughter for a few days around my brother's birthday.

I realize that I'm in the middle of that transition from living with this cancer to dying of this cancer, but right now my quality of life is good (still eating, sleeping and laughing) and symptoms are manageable.


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Hi, Lisa, it's really good hearing from you. I was reviewing some old posts on cancergrace.org this weekend, saw one of yours, and wondered how you've been doing. You've come face-to-face with what we must all confront at some point in our lives, though at much too young an age in your case. I'm still hoping to keep my cancer beat back until I'm old enough to die of something else, but I realize that may not happen, and I'm okay with that. You're setting a very high standard to which all of us should aspire. Please continue to post, and have a wonderful trip to New Mexico. My Aloha,


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