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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Sun is coming up on what promises to be a hot one in Key West-93 degrees is too hot for September.

Will be out (in the heat ugh) most of the days. Eye doctor appointment early then the local cancer center mid day. I'm finally seeing the traveling onc and hopefully setting up my infusions in Key West. Cross your finger for me. My backup in Homestead won't work--established yesterday they don't do chemo there. Later I go to group so it promises to be a very long day.

Have a great one everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning Judy and everyone else. We are finally getting some relief from our heat. It is only supposed to reach 71 today and stay in the 70s and 80s the rest of the week. I am so ready for that.

It should be a long day for me too. I am having breakfast then going for a walk then try to do my fitness routine. Our recreation room is locked so no fitness class this week. Our sale is the main focus and we have it set up it the rec room. I have been up sense 5 again. Woke up at 3 yesterday and got up at 5, woke up at 4:30 today and got up at 5. I left Misty sleeping and went outside at 6:30 to watch the day awaken and feel the cool breeze on my face.

Well today I have to take care of the recycle stuff and then go buy bingo prizes. I hope to have time to visit a lot with my friend who is up here for a visit with all of us. I also want time for someone else and yes Judy it is my friend. He and I get along very well. It is really nice to feel appreciated again.

Take care all. Have a great day. Lillian

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Hi Friends! Last day in the gulf. Fall rolled in yesterday and last night and the temps today are a good 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. I go home in the morning. Spent 20 of the last 21 days offshore and I'm ready to be home for a bit. Got a little visiting to do, a little honey-do to do and Deer season opens Thursday. I'm so anxious to get in the woods. I absolutely love it there. I always feel closest to God when I'm in the woods. Otherwise, my health is good, PET scheduled for the 5th to be sure...

I hope you are all enjoying the fall snap. Sorry, I know you girls in FL don't get it yet. It's coming soon though. Peace and love to you all.


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