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Morning All! It's a slow morning for me after a very hectic week, plus I didn't sleep well last night and woke early. I had to drop and run again yesterday morning when I called the eye doctor. I showed up Tue for a 9 am appointment only to learn he had to call in sick. I called yesterday around 9 to reschedule and they said to come right in. I did but it was hard to get in gear that fast lol. It was worth it though to find out I don't have an infection. It's a combination of not serious things and may even be related to the chemo. In any event, I got otc eyedrops and a recommendation to take the Omega oils. I'll do both and cross my fingers that eventually it won't keep coming back. The "guck" is annoying and the light sensitivity is very painful.

Lily, you are one of the busiest ladies around. But you know that, don't you. Am so glad you have that guy around to keep you going LOL.

Will, as always so glad to "see" you. I know you'll be busy at home by now but maybe you'll see this when you come on to read. I know about that hunting season excitement. Stan has the bug too. It's one of the main reasons I wanted to get my infusions locally, to free him up to do his thing. It's just a matter of time before he leaves for Ohio. He's just waiting for the word from his friends that they've had a frost or at least the temps have dropped.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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OMG I am actually up and awake before the kids today! :D Ok no reallly that happy to be awake but I guess it beats the alternative. Well it has been so stinking old here that I have not wanted to do much lately. I want summer back!

Judy sorry I havent been on lately I will try harder to "show" up more but I tell you I have been working WAAAYYYY more than I care to and my daugher is sick againg with another cold so it just really never ends. I know you had wanted an update on me. Well my major symptom was dizziness to the point where I thought I was going to pass out so I went to my primary several years ago and he sent me to a cardiologist well I had some monitor implanted in my chest to check my heart been there for two years well my heart is NORMAL my Dr. sent me to a neurologist that I seen yesterday for the first time and it all comes doen to my eyes. I have a Nystagmus which causes involuntary eye jerking movements which I knew I had just did not think it would make me feel that awful. So Dr. wants to put me on a Alzhewimers med named Namenda that has been proven in studies to actually reduce if not correct the problem. Not sure yet if I am willing to try something that has just been shown in studies several years ago but not widely used to treat this condition but I think I might.

Anyways, all sorry so long but that about it!

Have a fabulous day


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Good morning, All.

It's an absolutely beautiful morning here in Palm Bay, Florida. We had a little cold front pass through and it gave us a well deserved cool down for a couple of days. When I left for work this morning, it was about 70 and there was absolutely NO humidity. My hair is in complete shock!!! It's supposed to get to the mid 80's today but...this was nice while it lasted. A cold front this early set some records for us and I'm hoping it's a sign of a nice cool winter to come.

Judy....I have a great recommendation regarding the Omega 3. I have tried lots of different Omega 3 pills and all have given me that terrible fishy taste an hour or so after I take them. My health food store carried a liquid brand, can't remember the name, that is great. It's in the refrigerated section and it tastes just like lemon pie. Really...I love it. You take 2 tsp daily and there's no wicked after taste. The lady at the health food store told me that when the Omega 3's aren't distilled properly you get that oily fish taste. This liquid has no fishy taste at all!!!

Heidi...Hope the new meds work for you! It's always a worry to take something that's new but I'm sure it will be fine. I'm very relieved to hear it's not a heart related issue.


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It's raining here in North Texas, on the day that was supposed to be my first day to ride the bike to work rather than driving. I dropped that idea when I saw the lightning in the west. Maybe next week...

Speaking of riding, after I got home from work yesterday, Rose and I rode 20 miles on the tandem. It was her first bike ride since her second round of chemo in July. I think she was a bit tired when we got home.

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Hey guys, thought I was doing really well chillin out a little over stuff to be done. But yesterday and today I really wiped out. Am already thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow--second thought was, maybe I should just go to town.

Heidi, it must have been scary being so young and a mother too and having to wear a heart monitor for two years. Glad it wasn't your heart. I agree it's a little scary to think about taking the med they've recommended. I always hate to be putting another drug in my body. But then I have cancer and take poison every three weeks, so there you go!

Ann, thanks for the fish oil recommedation. I'm actually taking a pill that includes fish oil and flax seed oil (both prescribed by the eye doctor) and borage oil. It was recommended by a former client I ran into at the pharmacy in the professional bldg where my eye doctor is. She gave me a great discount on it and the eye drops he told me to get. Actually it isn't at all fishy but she said a flax oil (not a pill) at publix is very good so maybe I'll get the fish oil you recommend and the flax oil she suggested instead of pills when this bottle is done. Glad you got a good hair day LOL.

Bud, sorry your ride to work was spoiled by the weather. That lightening is nothing to mess with. I'm really feeling sorry here for Rose. I trust you were doing enough peddling for both of you for most of that 20 miles. She must be one tough lady. I probably would have trouble staying upright on the bike for 20 miles, never mind peddling too lol.

Have a good night everyone.

Judy in Key West

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