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Giants are 3 and 0 and I miss my dad


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Some of you who have been around awhile know that my dad and the Giants went together like peanut butter and jelly. Last year after he died I had such a hard time getting into the football season. I love it like he did and that was our "thing". This year it has been easier to enjoy it but I still feel such a huge void. It will never be the same again. I try to make new memories with my kids like he did for me but that is hard too... Its finally cold enough to wear his Giant jacket in the mornings and I know he is around. I

I sit and watch Connor playing flag football and half the time all I can think is....Dad would love this.....

My husband's car engine blew yesterday. It was the car we bought from my dad. I know somewhere he was laughing while my husband was standing on the side of Interstate 95 because my husband is not good with taking care of cars and it drove my dad nuts! Of course, now he is stranded on a golf trip in Myrtle Beach and I'm running around looking for another used car to buy which sucks because in the past my dad would be the one helping me. He helped me buy my current car and took the test drive, etc.... So, on a wing and a prayer I am trying to think of what he would advise me to do and then just close my eyes and make the best decision possible....

It just hurts sometimes and I think the more time that goes by the more I realize he is really gone and the more I miss him :( Of course, losing an ovary a couple of months ago might not be helping :) Stupid Hormones......

Thanks for Listening!


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Oh Tammy, how sorry I am. I met your dad and mom tht one time at NIH and thought they were just delightful - that we could be real friends in real time given the chance. And I think of your dad when the Giants play because I remember your stories. Geez, I'm sorry. I bet you will make the perfect choice on that new car because dad will be right over your shoulder.

Glad to 'see' you but sorry for the reason. Tell mom Fred and I asked for her.



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I remember those family pics of your Dad and your family enjoying the Giants. I'll never forget how your Dad was involved in trying to help my mom early in her diagnosis. Your family has a special place in my heart. Reading your post made me cry, but then again I thought of how fortunate you are and I am to have such a close family . Your Dad will be with you always and a part of him lives on in you and your kids. I hope in time, the empty void you feel will be filled in with warm loving memories. Hugs for you and your family. I know how hard remembering can be.. :(



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