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Getting to Know You - Friday - October 2


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I'm not too picky when it comes to name brands versus store brands, since I always like to save money. But, one thing that has to be right is hubby's coffee. It MUST be Folgers....always Flogers.

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So many :oops::oops:

Maxwell House coffee (Columbian), Land O' Lakes margarine/butter, Bush's baked beans (love the dog in their commercials), Green Giant or Del Monte canned vegies (for the same reason as Dana), All laundry detergent, the list goes on and on . . . . .

Why? More dependable than store or generic brands.

I do buy Publix potato chips :lol::lol::lol:


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Tide and Downy - same soap and softener, no skin issues....can't do that cute little Snuggle bear stuff, itchin' within minutes....

Charmin toilet paper...like the commercials with the little bear, doesn't collect on the tush!

Oh, and either Breyer's or Edy's ice cream!

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Katsup definately the top 3 brands any one will do. I do a lot of cooking and while in Louisiana I learned to depend on Zaterans everything, fish fry, crab boil and seasoning. Can't be beaten for cajun food and most other things too.

Coffee for years it had to be Folger's but now I find when I make my coffee strong that it has a bitter taste so I swithced to Maxwell House and it is good to the last drop :!: Believe me I drink a pot every morning.

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