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9 years out today


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Wow, Barb, that's terrific! October 2 is sort of an anniversary for me, too — 52 years ago today I reported to my first duty station as a brand new Air Force brown-bar (second lieutenant). I didn't know what I was in for, either. Let's do it again a year from now, when it will be 10 and 53 years! Aloha,


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Oh wow, the way you discribe it brings back a few memories with a couple of my surgeries. One being my lung, and 4 others being my heart. Flip flop across the parking lot. WOW girl, I did the same thing.

This is AWESOME, WONDERFUL, HAPPY DANCE NEWS! Congratulations my 9 year friend. You keep it up, your going to catch up to me. :wink: Just keep on keepin on!

Big Happy Hugs,


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Thanks everyone for the support. I know it must seem weird this far out, but I get scared every year about this time. The sun shines at just the right angle, and the wind smells just the same as when it happened, and bingo - It's like I'm re-living the whole thing.

I went in on 10/2 and they finally let me out 10/13. I started chemo and radiation a few weeks later....

The cancer center had an open house/survivor reunion a few years ago. I thought it would be good to see the old place again. I took the hubby inside the radiation room to show him the big plants that grow on either side of the machine. Plus he'd never been in there. But then I started crying when I saw the machine. I had no idea that was going to happen. :)


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Oh Barb ~ how great to see you AND hear the marvelous news. And boy do we need to hear positive news these days. I've just hit 5 years and aspire to be YOU and all the other LONG term survivors here when I grow up. And do I relate to the sun, smell, etc. to relive bad times - happens every fall for me. Hope you know just how very thrilled I am for you!


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