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LCSC California Meeting !!


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Me, too.....I'm in Northern Santa Barbara County...in an area known as Vandenberg Village. I also spend a lot of time in the LaCanada-Flintridge area of California, or at least I will again once I'm through with chemo. It's near Glendale/Pasadena.

Looking forward to this so MUCH!

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I'm going to send info to Natalie about this in a few days, had to get passed today first (Sorry for the delay) But I will copy you guys in on the info as well. One you get organized, name a president and get the ball rolling with the paperwork, everything else is legwork with fundraising and raising awareness thru pamplets , brochures, and flyers.

I know you guys can do this. !


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Maybe we can set up a live chat in a couple of weeks? Does anyone from California know how to do this? (trying to save Rick from having to do it)

Laurie, my husband is originally from Salinas...sometimes we visit family over in your neck of the woods. Maybe we can meet up sometime in 2004.

Thanks for sending the info out Katie. I really appreciate the help. I hope you managed to get through the holiday ok.

Just for fun...anyone have any good pseudo names for our group? I'll start it off...

California Rays of Hope We could have our logo have sunshine rays in it?

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