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Test results

Bruce u

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I was debating on posting my results because sometimes you feel guilty about being found early while other's are not as fortunate. But I thought a little good news might be OK this week.

I got my results today for my chest x-ray and abdomen ultrasound. Everything is clear with no sign of recurrence. NED This was my 2nd anniversary test so now I graduate to 6 month testing for the next 3 years.

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Anytime is a good time for Good News. I am delighted for you. Keep that going, and enjoy every moment "living in the moment."

BTW, Bruce, please do not ever feel guilty about being found early.

Personally, I wish that for all who go for testing.

You go and celebrate. It's a gift, dear fellow.

Barbara :D:D:D - One smile from each of us (Barbara and Bill) and one for good measure.

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No excuses for not posting good news, Bruce!!!! We always welcome it and now more than ever. We ALL need to know that there are good scans and NED out there. It's something to offer much hope to many. Now it's only about 2:20 here, so I'll hold off until 5:00 to 'officially' celebrate! Glad to be on this journey with you, Bruce. And happy graduation!


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My dear friend, I already congratulated you in an email but am thrilled to do it again. Your mom and brother are smiling down on you. I'd drink to your good fortune but have already had one-and-a-half red wines tonight. There is a bottle of peach schnapps that's been calling my name lol.

Judy in Key West

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