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Advice needed for Fundraiser


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Hey everyone I need some advice. I don' t know if I'm posting this in the right place but I need to vent. I am having problems promoting my event in Philadelphia. It seems as though we are in competition with the National Lung Cancer Partnership "Free to Breathe" event that is one weekend before mine.

As you can tell they are a much bigger event than mine.... pretty much on a totally different level. It seems as though they have the attention and I can't get my little walk noticed.

Any advice???


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Thank you!!

We have made both a facebook and twitter page. I have two local hospitals as sponsors... but with only 30 days left till the event and a lot of last minute stuff to wrap up I don' t know how much time we have to get schools and other businesses involved. I wouldn't even know how to approach it. I would contact the schools and see if we can post fliers or posters and get the kids involved in the event....

If not this is a great start for next years event

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Church bulletins?

For my golf event last year that got me 5 golfers. This year only one...but for me, I consider it a healing ministry annd so the churches are happy put the info in the bulletin.

Also, remember...who says you have to compete of "be big" Just be great and even if you raise $10...YOU WERE obedient to the call...

Also, fliers just don't cut it...I never get a single golfer from fliers...it's working the phones...tapping your network.

I don't have a lot of details about your planning, your history in doing this etc.

But last year I was scrambling and it was my first...I LEARNED what to do different...when to start things etc. Learn, know you are doing good...and good is good.

Good luck

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Thank you! This is my third year and always a month before the event I have major anxiety. Last year at this time I only had 50 people registered at 150 people showed up.... so in all honestly I don't know how the event will turn out.

I'm always putting stress on myself, trying to out-do what I did the year before.

Thank you for taking the time to write!!!

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Can ya drop us a facebook and twitter Link!??? we might be able to help cause some of us have friends up there! Hang in there!!

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I want to thank everyone for replying.... We do have a facebook page, just search Love Your Lungs Philly

On that page you can find our Twitter page....

I'm gonna get out as much as possible in the next month to promote it.... if I can't do as great as I wanted this year... there's always next year!!!!

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