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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All!

Blah blah blah....

Hope you have a GREAT day.

I did the Air and miss-hit again and lost the whole thing. Don't have the patience to do it again. Steroid kicking in, not enough sleep, too much going awry this morning. Maybe someone else can come in with a more upbeat Air. Hope my Ativan kicks in soon.

Judy in Key West

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Don't ya just HATE when that happens, Judy :twisted: ? I do it more often than I care to admit. Between mishits and misspellings ~ well ~ gets the best of me. Nothing much to say pertaining to an air for the day ~ just sorry you're frustrated and to let you know I LOVE my ativan too :D:shock::roll::!:


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I don't know how much more upbeat I can be today, Judy. It feels like Friday but it's only Wednesday....boo-hoo. This week has seemed so very long and I am definitely ready for a Friday. Although I still have to work on Friday, it's always just such a great feeling to know that the weekend is right around the corner. Also, our office closes at 3:00 on Friday and having that couple of extra hours off really makes a big difference.

It is hot...hot...hot here today!!! I am so envious of you guys that are actually having a fall season. The radio said the heat index today would be 104 (what it feels like). I have just had enough of this and am ready for some "fling open the windows and turn off the A/C" days. Judy, I hope you're getting some good breezes from all that beautiful water that surrounds you!!!

Sorry...but things here are on the bla-bla-bla side today, too. So, I'm counting on someone to really spice up The Air with some juicy comments.


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