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first of the "firsts"


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First holiday without them. I was told that all the "firsts" throughout the first year will be the hardest. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. It is hard to believe it was already a whole year ago that Mom & Dad were coming to my place to spend Thanksgiving with us. It just hit me today that this will be my first family holiday without them. I want to be happy and positive for all the holidays for my son(6mos), but it's hard.

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Best wishes for a good thanksgiving for you and your family. It's hard to have holidays associated with tragedy. I know from personal experience. With a young family, I'd lobby hard for you to create new, happy traditions around the holidays. Too many years ahead to associate them with sadness. A moment of remembrance is reasonable, but please try to enjoy the joy of the day.

I'm getting to be so philosophical. Catch me on a less positive day and I am sure you'd get a different response!

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Just make sure Ya have a little quiet time just for yourself to reflect. It is hard to do but it can be less painful though!! A little time outside or somewhere to yourself to talk to them...

Make some new traditions also it can be fun with a new family. If your comfortable get out a Photo Album or something like that. DO something to remember them by like a new routine say...

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