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House cleaning service for women on CHEMO!

Connie B

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A good friend of mine sent this to me, I think it's awesome! :D I just wish they would give lessons to my hubby on how to clean the house. LOL just kidding!! :lol::lol: My hubby may not be Mr. Clean House, but he's an AWESOME caregiver and hubby.

I love the yardwork idea Ned, I sure could have used some help a few weeks ago cleaning up our yard putting flower pots and lawn furniture etc., etc away. The leaves here are just starting to fall and I don't do raking anymore. That's why we have a riding lawnmower.

Well, I think this idea will catch on. Yep Denise, the color of it pretty much made my blood warm up. Gotta share with you, my hubby and I went to Wallymart the other day to pick up a few things. My hubby said don't forget to get a golf glove for when we're down south this winter. So, off we go looking for a right handed golf glove. The only ones they had on a huge rack of golf gloves for MEN & WOMEN (the WOMENS) all came with a PINK RIBBON on them. I told Maurie, I'll go gloveless before I wear a pink and white golf glove. :evil::evil:

Hugs to All,


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