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getting to and from Chemo and treatments!!


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If you are in need of transportation for whatever reason please check wiht your facility. This is a note to add that I saw That Connie posted about housecleaning. Transportation schedules can make life frantic and it does not have to be that way!!!

This link is an example of this problem and the solution!!

ttp://www.visaliatimesdelta.com/article ... 00316/1024

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Randy, thanks on behalf of all who might need this service. I don't, fortunately, but if someone does and the link doesn't give you the site, type the address in and it will take to to it. I also know of a service for people who go greater distances for treatment. There is a woman I know of in the Keys who is flown to Orlando's MDACC on the Angel Network.

I am elated that so many grass roots groups are popping up to help make a bad situation just a little easier. Thanks Connie too, for the info on help with housekeeping.

Judy in Key West

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Great idea Randy! Many people have problems finding a ride to treatments. Please keep in mind that ACS (Amercian Cancer Society) also has a Road to Recovery Program that will take cancer patients to and from Treatments. Some states may NOT offer this, but check with your local ACS office. It's free and a great program.

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