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Monday's air


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Good morning, I thought in the appearant absence of Judy I would open today.Judy where are you? I know you were pretty bumed out last week so am hoping things are better now.

It is cool and cloudy here in Northern California this morning. We are finally supposed to get some real rain believe it or not from the typhoon that hit Japan :!:

Not going into it here. Most of you know what is going on with me from the grieving forum. I just want to add that my nephew called last night and will be here sometime today to pick up my car. Not sure when the work will get done but at least it is a start.

I am so ready to get away for awhile either alone or better yet with someone special :oops:

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Lil, I surely am glad that it's cool in California because we're still having our October heat wave here in Florida. The high today is supposed to be about 96 and with the heart index, it should feel like it's over 100. The rest of the week is supposed to be like this and then we are going to have a big cool down on Saturday, with a high of 88...lol!!! This is my favorite time of year and I do miss the nice fall weather that I grew up with in Tennessee. But, I guess this is the price we have to pay for living in Florida.

There are so many people here that would love to move somewhere else but the economy has them tied here. They can't even sell their homes for what they owe on them and people are terrified of losing their jobs.

Like you, I hope our Judy is OK this morning. Maybe she's found a cool breeze there in the Keys and is chillin".

Glad to hear your car is getting fixed. That will make you feel a lot better about life in general.


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Hey guys, thanks for coming in on the Air. I've been bumming since this last infusion. I feel so good on week three that I forget how bad I can feel on days four, five and six AFTER an infusion. I whine enough for my husband so yesterday (day six) I went out in the orchid room and worked two hours then took a little boat ride. Both were fun but didn't make me feel any better physically. The fatigue has been overwhelming in addition to naseau and that other thing I'd rather not talk about. What did help was sleeping eleven hours last night. I'm not great today but on my way back. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Stan's on his way out tomorrow. I'll miss him but am trying to plan some fun while he's gone. I am afraid tomorrow will start with a finger stick at the Cancer Center and a stop for business. I'll have group at 5 pm and hopefully make it til dinner afterwards with friends. Who knows what in between Tue and a party for Frank (Cancer Group) on Sat. Frank has made two birthdays since they gave him six months. He's got a rare case of esphophagal (sp?) cancer and has been off treatment all two years. Some day, I know, he'll not show up at group but until then....What a drag this disease is.

I admit, my physical being hasn't been helped by recalling that we've lost three young women in how many months? Tracy, Wendy and Sandra. I can hardly stand it but know I have to bounce back for the good of the group and cause.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Lily - Glad to hear your car will be getting fixed soon. Ya know, you can always stop and pick me up if you friend dont want to go :lol: but then again I am sure he wants to escape as much as you. Hope you get to go soon.

Ann - I am jealous of you weather enjoy it for me :lol:


Anyways, suppose to be 58 here and sunny but here in my room where I have been confined to since Friday it is about 65degrees and dark lol Yesterday I woke up feeling better but felt pretty ill last night but I think that was cause I was not able to sleep at all during the day because my hubby worked and I had the kids. Woke up today feeling even better but still weak and congested. I am on the mend................ I HAVE TO BE.

Everyone have a great day!


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I'm jealous of your 50 degree weatgher Heidi, might get to 30 here today. Been record lows for the last 3 or 4 days now. My fever just keeps coming back, been 100 everyday for a over a week. just about to finish another round of antibiotics and just finished with Tamiflu, I think I'm getting better.

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Wow Donny that is cold! This junk going around is miserable I did not get Tamiflu the Dr. I seen said I was to far into it although I was at the 48 hour mark. Oh well I think I am getting better to. I still have a cough and congestion and my work wont let me go back till that is gone so who knows. I just wish since the CDC supposedly has set guidelines for my work that they will pay my bills for me too :lol: THats ok thought dont want anyone to get sick from me. So I shall obey

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I hopped on my bike at dark-thirty this morning and, for the first time, joined the ranks of those who bike to work. Since I moved to Crowley last month, I have been much closer to my job in Fort Worth, so I laid out a route of mostly side streets, and tried it out for the first time today. It's just over 12 and a half miles each way, so gives me the same distance as my usual 25 mile weekday ride. What a great way to start a weekday!

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